Pic Pic
A plain functional bar and a nice unusually shaped lounge with pleasant decor. LSTV.
Last visited 1998.
Rocky Lane / Belmont Road
Pleasant decor, friendly staff and a free juke box in this traditional two bar local. Pool table.
Last visited October 2017.
Lower Breck Road / September Road
Clifton Arms A recently refurbished, very plastic knocked-through one bar pub. Plenty of Boddingtons publicity but they don't sell it! Pool table. Now closed.
Last visited 1998.
Clifton Road East
Derby "Ma Shaw's" One room split by large pillars in this rather plastic, nicely looked after 60s? construction. Noted closed and boarded up in 2016.
Last visited 2003.
86 West Derby Road / Farnworth Street
Flat House
Nice ordinary drinkers in a nice ordinary pub, knocked through into one large room. The only hand pumps in Tuebrook never seem to be operational when I visit. Beer yard.
Last visited October 2017.
West Derby Road
Grafton This famous night club seemed to have been going for ever, but it's now closed. Always an enjoyable night out. It was the subject of a BBC fly-on-the-wall series a few years ago.
Last visited 1997.
West Derby Road / Perth Street
The outside of this corner house looked plain and scruffy when I visited, but has been re-decorated since. The inside is one large airy room, knocked through to make a U-shape round the bar, plain and rather worn but spotlessly clean. "Mercury Taverns". Now closed and converted to a shop.
Last visited 1999.
West Derby Road / George's Road
Lords (Lord Derby) (Painted Wagon) A very large open one-bar pub with small raised areas, built in part of the former Carlton cinema. Up market decor. Duke box too loud at quiet times. LSTV. Now closed, and standing derelict.
Last visited 1998.
West Derby Road / Green Lane
Newsham Park
The inside is much larger than the outside would suggest in this two bar corner house with animpressive projection TV and nice decor. Noted closed and tinned up in 2008.
Last visited 2003.
West Derby Road / Lower Breck Road
Olympia Hotel
A rather good plain two-sided boozer, very clean and tidy behind the tatty exterior.
It was scheduled for demolition under the plans for Merseytram, but has since been reprieved, and refurbished.
Last visited July 2018.
West Derby Road / Kilshaw Street
Park A friendly cheerful basic boozer with comfy seats.
Last visited October 2017.
West Derby Road / Chester Road
Royal Standard Closed.
Not visited.
1 Walker Street / West Derby Road
Saint George A large pleasant enough lounge side with pool tables and a LSTV. The bar looks OK as well. Part of the "Mr Q's" chain, aiming at a young clientele.
Last visited 1998.
Green Lane
St Michael's Club
Not visited.
West Derby Road / Boundary Lane
Venue (Coconut Grove)
A down market, £10 in and all you can drink night club, now closed.
Not visited.
West Derby Road / Green Lane
Victoria (Victoria) (Victoria Lodge) Nice bare brick and traditional woodwork decor (all fake I think.) in this friendly clean and tidy two-sided pub. The lounge and the bar look identical. There is also a function room at the back. LSTV.
Now closed.
Last visited 2006.
West Derby Road / Dorset Road