Billinge Arms (Pavilion) John Smith's / Coors In 2000 I described the Pavilion as a large plain knocked through one bar interior with some impressive wooden beams in the low ceiling. The attached curry house "The Balti King" was rather good, and was totally empty when I dined there on a Wednesday night.
Returning in 2010 I discovered the pub is now called the Billinge Arms Wine Bar and features nicely done up market contemporary decor with a tiled floor and comfortable leather sofas. It was unsurprisingly quiet on a Wednesday lunchtime. The curry house had become an Italian restaurant.
On to 2018 and the pub is pleasant and unchanged, while the restaurant is now a grill place called the Huntsman.
Last visited September 2018.
Main Street / Garswood Road
Brown Cow Closed.
Not visited.
Rainford Road / Hillside Close
Eagle and Child Hand pumpvarious, John Smith's, Tetley / Carling, Carlsberg, Foster's, Stella A rather good multi-area pub partially knocked through, traditionally decorated, in an antique-looking stone building. The cask ale is spot on.
Last visited September 2018.
Main Street / Newton Road
Foresters Arms John Smith's, Tetley / Carling, Coors, Foster's A very well looked after plain friendly local pub with one counter in an L-shaped room, plus a pool room and a small back room with patio doors overlooking a sunny terrace.
Last visited September 2018.
Main Street / Picadilly
Mason's Arms
Hand pumpvarious / Carling A beautiful country pub serving excellent real ales. Highly recommended.
Lined glasses for a full pint.
Last visited September 2018.
99 Carr Mill Road
Squires Bar Probably the best pub in Billinge, according to the banner outside, but it wasn't open when I passed on a Wednesday lunchtime so I can't comment.
Reported to be closed.
Not visited.
Main Street / Coultshead Avenue
Stork Inn Mansfield / Carling, Foster's, Stella A half timbered exterior on this proper two-sided pub (Lounge and Vault) with access between the two via the porch. I chose the lounge which has an odd mixture of old-style ceiling beams and wood panelling mixed with modern white floor tiling to give a pleasant if disorganised appearance. Very quiet on a Wednesday lunchtime.
Last visited 2010.
Main Street / Newton Road