Coach and Horses (Coach and Horses) (Negresco Deco)
Hand pump
The Coach and Horses was a large pub which seemed to drift over time from up-market comfort to a pool hall full of kids.
2007: Negresco Deco, on the other hand, was a very posh piano bar/restaurant with dark, atmospheric decor and a nice black and white tiled floor in the bar area.
2009: It's gone back to being a pub again, and they've got real ale! The nice decor remains, and the menu looks good, but it was deserted on a Saturday lunch-time when I visited.
2010: Closed.
Last visited 2009.
Kings Drive / Speke Road
Cobden (Cobden Vaults)
Hand pump
In 1999 I remarked on the extremely nice, totally fake, wood beam interior complete with cart wheel partitions etc. More recently I found a total transformation, to a very well done modern interior. The quality real ale remains. Very quiet on a Saturday lunchtime. On my most recent visits there were four real ales, and the ones I had were spot on.
Last visited May 2017.
Quarry Street / Cobden View
Coffee House
A rather plain but well cared for interior in this large and very popular pub. Reputed to be the oldest in Liverpool - The building is dated 1641.
Last visited April 2018.
Woolton Street
CookHouse (English Rose)
Hand pump
The interior of this curved building seems much smaller than the outside would suggest. The lounge side was the English Rose Restaurant, the plain bar side retained some nice 30s/50s features and was fairly busy with friendly locals when I visited.
It has been thoroughly refreshed for its new incarnation as the CookHouse, concentrating on carvery food but still providing a good pint.
Last visited July 2018.
Halewood Road / Mackets Lane
County Court
A plain but very well looked after two bar pub. A friendly pleasant atmosphere on a Saturday evening. On my most recent visit the decent real ale was absent. In 2014 I found this place closed, with For Sale signs, and it has since been converted into flats.
Last visited 2013.
Quarry Street / Gladstone Street
Derby Arms
Hand pump
A large pleasant knocked through corner pub very nicely decorated and looked after. The food looks good. On a visit in 1999 I fixed the TV!
Last visited April 2018.
Menlove Avenue / Allerton Road
Elephant (Famous Elephant) (Casa Del Cocodrilo)
Hand pump
The Famous Elephant:
Before its refurbishment in late 1998 this was a large lively one bar pub with a nice interior and some fine ale. Afterwards the nice interior remained but the ale had gone - The pub was now aiming at the younger market, with plenty of lager and only keg bitter, although there were still two hand pumps on the bar.

In 2007 this became Casa Del Cocodrillo, a rather posh restaurant/bar, retaining and improving on the interior. The elephant pub sign remained outside (I'm told it is listed), but the elephant's head from over the door disappeared.

In late 2009, after a period of closure, the Elephant pub returned, keeping the fine decor of the restaurant and serving a range of decent ale. The food looks good and the pub is aimed mainly at diners. There's a function room upstairs. And they've replaced the elephant's head!
Last visited June 2018.
Woolton Street
Gardeners Arms
Hand pump
A beautifully done out friendly two-sided pub serving excellent ales, they had about six on when I last visited.
Last visited June 2017.
Vale Road / Gladstone Street
Grapes A well cared for and nicely decorated one bar pub with some original features.
Last visited April 2018.
Allerton Road / Quarry Street
Liberty Tavern (Baby Elephant) (Bubble Room) Originally, the Baby Elephant was a function room behind the Famous Elephant, then it became an Italian restaurant called Il Bambino Elephanti, followed by an American themed whiskey bar and grill called F.A.R.G.O, in 2010 a member of the Bubble Room restaurant chain, and then later Liberty Tavern.
Not visited.
Woolton Street
Loft (Chardonay's) (Cafe 49a) (Cello's) Although branded as a cafe bar this is really just another pub with a Friday night disco. The inside is like a barn, with iron roof beams and a wooden floor and is pleasantly decorated. Three different names, but the place remains exactly the same, with an odd lack of atmosphere early evenings - I imagine it's more lively later on.
Since it was renamed Loft it has become more bistro-like, and many customers were eating on a Saturday afternoon, but drinkers are still welcome.
Last visited April 2018.
Allerton Road / Church Road
Quarry Formerly the British Legion, I think, this has been well refurbished and features a large function room and a smaller comfortable bar.
Last visited November 2018.
Allerton Road, behind the Loft
Hand pump
Partly knocked through but retaining a separate front room, the interior of this one bar pub is nicely done out with wood panelling. The beer yard is pleasant in sunny weather. Somehow, this place manages to retain the ambiance of a cheerful friendly local, long may it continue to do so.
Last visited June 2017.
Quarry Street / Pit Place
Village Inn A pleasant quiet one bar pub. The fake decor is particularly well done. Hidden downstairs is a large, nicely decorated disco/function room which has a late licence on Friday nights, when it is busy with a mixed clientele. The above was written in October '98. A more recent Friday night visit found the downstairs closed and the upstairs with a disco and a late licence very lively and popular.
In 2010 I was told it had been refurbished and the downstairs part is now called the Bodega Bar.
In 2012 I found it closed and the building gutted.
Last visited 2011.
Quarry Street / Rodick Street
White Horse
Hand pump
Nice decor perhaps a little over cluttered with horse brasses and the like in this busy friendly pub with one bar plus two small side areas. Always friendly staff serving fine ales and food.

This excellent pub's only fault seems to be that it's usually packed when I go in.
Last visited June 2018.
Woolton Street