Ainsdale Conservative Club
Not visited.
Liverpool Road
Arion Tetley / Carlsberg A large open boozer with no-one except me and the barmaid in on a chilly Monday afternoon. Plain decor with just a few traces of the original features such as wood carving and tilework on the bar front.
Last visited 2010.
Kenilworth Road / Frailey Close
Railway Hand pumpGreene King IPA, John Smith's / Carling, Foster's Standard pub decor, nicely done in this popular pub with friendly locals. The menu looks good value, as is the real ale.
Oddly, not that close to any railway, extant or closed.
Last visited 2010.
Liverpool Road / Station Road
Sandpiper Now closed.
Not visited.
9 Sandbrook Way / Sandbrook Road
Sands Hand pumpvarious A large free-standing building located just across the road from Pontin's. Two bars traditionally decorated, plus a more modern dining area. Look out for the suits or armour in the hallway.
Two real ales were on when I visited - the one I tried, from the Southport Brewery, was excellent. I was the only customer on a Monday afternoon.
Last visited 2010.
Coastal Road / Shore Road
Not visited.
Southport Old Road