Eccleston Social Club Serves real ales from George Wright brewery, I'm told.
Not visited.
Holme Road
Game Bird (Royal Oak)
Not visited.
East Lancs. Road / Cathdale Moss Lane
Griffin Inn
Hand pump
Inside this nice-looking old building is a pleasant multi-room partially knocked through interior, arranged around a central counter. There's a separate restaurant to the rear.
Last visited 2004.
Church Lane / Millfields
Seven Stars
The compact plain slightly tatty bar side was busy with friendly regulars when I visited. The other side of the pub is a larger and much posher lounge, also popular. LSTV.
Last visited 2004.
Millbrook Lane / Kiln Lane
Stanley Arms
Hand pump
A typical "olde worlde" country pub with the usual collection of old bottles, plates and horse brasses on display. Partially knocked through but still providing a number of separate drinking areas, as well as a conservatory, and a restaurant in a modern extension. The bar meals menu looks good and the restaurant, with a separate menu, seems very popular.
Last visited 2004.
Gillar's Lane