Devonshire House A pleasant enough plastic pub with extensive conference facilities in the complex, along with a night club called "Reds".
Now just a hotel.
Last visited 2002.
Edge Lane
Dryden "DD"
A plain, traditional two roomed boozer in a rather impressive building. The decline of the local industries and residential population means that this place is rarely busy.
Noted closed and boarded up by early 2007 and demolished in 2008.
Last visited 2004.
Edge Lane / Thistlewood Road
Edge Lane
The "Sizzling Steak" food was good value for money in this pleasant two bar pub, where service was sometimes slow. Bowling green behind. LSTV. Closed 11 August 2001 and now demolished. Irritatingly, it spent a year after demolition as a pile of rubble before becoming a billboard site.
Last visited 2000.
Edge Lane / Henry Street
Gardener's Arms
Hand pump
Rather nice but a little dark interior in this large two-bar pub. "Feasting Fox" food daytimes. Noted tinned up in 2012.
Last visited 1998.
Edge Lane Drive / Broad Green Road
Glass House The wood panelled and mirrored interior looks better than the slightly tatty outside suggests. 2 pool tables, darts board. Shut when I visited on a Monday lunchtime.
It was closed and boarded for a time but has now re-opened.
Last visited 1998.
Edge Lane / Mill Lane
Mango (Wavers) My notes on Wavers: A modern building with an interior featuring lots of chrome and a fountain. Not to be visited under any circumstances - This is the only place I have ever seen cloudy lager! Food lunch time, and they do an excellent buffet if you're arranging a function.
Now a Wine Bar called Mango.
Last visited 2005.
Dryden Road / Pighue Lane
McGinty's (Sportsman) "Fletch's" A nice, fairly new flat house popular with local workers at lunch time. Not visited since it was renamed.
Last visited 1999.
Mill Lane / Pighue Lane
Old Manor House (Brewster's) Pleasant decor but a little grubby in this one bar two room pub in the ground floor of a large house. A surprisingly small counter in a fairly large room. Manor Suite function rooms behind.
Now closed.
Last visited 1998.
Edge Lane / Jubilee Drive
Paraffin Oil Shop (Queens) Three nicely done out rooms partially knocked through. Pool table.
Closed, and now a shop.
Last visited 2003.
Edge Lane / Saint Oswald's Street
Railway Hotel
A rather pleasant and well cared for back-street pub with two bars. Twee wooden beams in the lounge side. The lunch time food looks good value. LSTV. Tables on the pavement in summer. Changes in spring 2004 have provided more room in the lounge side by removing most of the counter, leaving just a serving point with all the pumps and bottles through in the bar side.
Now closed.
Last visited 2009.
Binns Road / Crawford Way
A plain scruffy boozer, apparently shut lunchtimes. Now closed and being demolished.
Last visited 1997.
Rathbone Road / Pighue Lane
Rose Outside, a classic late Victorian or early Edwardian street corner pub. Inside, a large nicely done out bar side, and a smaller lounge not visited.
Now closed.
Last visited 2003.
Binns Road / Hankinson Street
Traveller's Rest (Queen of Diamonds) Nice decor well cared for, but a bit green, in this large knocked through 1950s free standing pub. LSTV. Now closed and demolished.
Last visited 2002.
Edge Lane
This large two bar pub was always packed on a Friday lunch time, but with the recent decline of local industry it seems to be a lot quieter now. Pool tables in the back bar. It was closed temporarily in 2001, and finally by 2008.
Last visited 2002.
Edge Lane / Clyde Road