Brighton Closed.
Not visited.
Brighton Street / Buchanan Road
Egremont Ferry
Hand pump
Perhaps a little tatty in places, but clean and tidy, and the enormous windows afford a fine view across the Mersey. Only one of the four hand pumps were in use on a Monday afternoon, but the quality of the ale was good.
Last visited 2012.
38 Tobin Street
Kings Arms Closed.
Not visited.
Liscard Road / Church Lane
Lord Nelson
Hand pump
This popular boozer has a nice L-shaped lounge and a plain bar. The regulars' comments about the "awful" lager did not inspire confidence in the quality of the beers, but the cask Pedigree was in excellent condition.
Last visited 2003.
Trafalgar Road / Stringhey Road
Park View Social club.
Not visited.
Liscard Road / Church Street
Vaults One plain bright and cheery room occupied by just a handful of regulars on a Monday afternoon. The plethora of disco lights suggests it's a lot more lively on a Saturday night. There's also a pool room at the back.
Last visited 2012.
Brighton Road / Tobin Street
Wellington Hotel
Not visited.
Poole Road / Trafalgar Road