Alexandra / Carling Plain but comfortable pub with a bar and large lounge in 1998, knocked through and redecorated with stained plasterwork and wooden floor by 2009. The rather good bar back is surmounted by a clock, and they've got a proper bell for calling time.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here on the jukebox.
Last visited 2009.
Speke Road / Arthur Street
Dealers Arms John Smith's, Tetley, Worthington / Coors, Foster's, San Miguel Pleasant decor in this comfortable two-bar pub.
Last visited December 2017.
79 St Mary's Road / Mersey View
Derby Hotel John Smith's / Carling, Carlsberg, Foster's The plain well cared for bar room has a high ceiling and wooden floor, and the two back rooms are nicely decorated.
Last visited December 2017.
1 Russel Road / Plamerston Road
Garston Hotel Hand pumpJohn Smith's, Hand pumpTetley, Tetley / Carlsberg, Heineken A bit plain but nice enough. Friendly locals. LSTV. Food.
Now closed.
Last visited 1998.
St Mary's Road / Dock Road
George John Smith's / Carling, Carling, Carlsberg, Foster's A traditional two bar three room boozer, busy with friendly drinkers on a Sunday afternoon. Rather tatty in 1998, much better when I revisited in 2009, and in mid-repaint in 2017.
Last visited December 2017.
James Street / St Mary's Road
King Street Vaults
A rather fine ceramic exterior on this corner house. Noted closed, hopefully temporarily, in November 2009.
Not visited.
King Street / Hughes Street
Kingsman Hand pumpPedigree, Hand pumpTetley / 4X, Carlsberg, Stella A large up market place concentrating on "big steak" food, with a Wacky Warehouse attached. Slow service on my visit.
No trace remains, the site is now a supermarket and a petrol station.
Last visited 1998.
St. Mary's Road / Garston Way
Kitty Mac's (Lord Raglan) Closed.
Not visited.
Window Lane / Lord Street
Mariners Banks's / Coors, Foster's, San Miguel A rather nicely done knocked through corner house with a wooden floor. Busy with a crowd of locals who all seem to know each other.
Last visited December 2017.
St Mary's Road / Woodger Street
Hand pumpvarious, Tetley / Carling, Foster's Very pleasant friendly two bar corner house with a range of real ales on offer.
Last visited 2014.
Gladstone Road / Granville Road
New Wellington Worthington Closed for refurbishment in November 2003, since when it has been known as the New Wellington. A large multi-roomed pub in which the bar side is well cared for and nicely decorated. Friendly regulars. Peaceful on a Friday afternoon but large speakers held the promise of a lively Friday evening.
Last visited 2009.
Duke Street / Wellington Street
Palatine John Smith's / Carlsberg, San Miguel The knocked through lounge side is rather nice in this two sided pub.
Last visited December 2017.
Island Road / Woolton Road
Phoenix Sports and Social Club (Garston Home Guard Club) John Smith's
Not visited.
Woolton Road / Condor Close
Red Lion Closed.
Not visited.
Woolton Road / Chapel Road
Stables (Queens) Hand pumpown stuff / Carlsberg The Queens was a two sided pub with a pleasant two-room lounge side with an unusual shape. In 1998 I described the bar side as scruffy but in 2003 I found it very nicely done and well cared for.
Totally remodelled into a much more up market restaurant / bar called The Stables which concentrates mainly on fairly up-market food but also has a pleasant bar area. No keg bitter is available, just Stables Ale brewed by George Wright, which was somewhat past its best when I visited. They were quite busy with drinkers and diners on a Friday afternoon.
Closed in 2011.
Last visited 2009.
St. Mary's Road / Queen Street
Swan Inn
Hand pumpJennings Cumberland, Tetley / Carlsberg Excellent traditional decor in this friendly two-sided gem. The lounge side is served through a hatch in the etched glass bar back.
Last visited 2014.
James Street / Wood Street
Victoria Closed.
Not visited.
84 King Street / Sinclair Street