Coach & Horses
Hand pumpLandlord, Boddingtons / Carling, Stella A beautiful antique-style multi-roomed pub with just one small serving counter, very quiet on a Monday afternoon.
Last visited 2012.
Greasby Road / Mill Lane
Greave Dunning Hand pumpvarious / Stella This up market food-oriented pub in the Ember Inns chain serves good real ale as well. Pleasant modern decor in the open plan interior which retains a feeling of separate areas.
Last visited 2012.
Greasby Road / Pump Lane
Old Rathbone (Farmer's Arms) Hand pumpvarious, John Smith's / Carling, Foster's A rather fine large multi-roomed pub with old beams inside, concentrating mainly on food.
Last visited 2012.
Hillbark Road, Frankby
Red Cat Hand pumpGreene King IPA, Tetley / Carling, Foster's A standard food oriented chain pub, friendly and comfortable, and ticking over nicely on a Monday afternoon.
Last visited 2012.
Greasby Road / Frankby Road
Twelfth Man Hand pumpBlack Sheep, John Smith's / Becks, Foster's, San Miguel, Stella A large open pleasantly decorated pub concentrating on "Fayre and Square" food, and serving decent real ale.
Last visited 2013.
Greasby Road / Cortsway