12th Man (Salisbury) Tetley, Worthington / Carling, Carlsberg, Stella A nicely done out and popular two-sided pub. LSTV.
Not visited since its renaming.   BingoDay1   KaraokeDay5   Live entertainmentDay7   QuizDay3
Last visited 2004.
121 Walton Breck Road / Burnand Street
Albert Tetley / Carlsberg This pleasant plain knocked through pub, decorated with LFC and visiting teams' memorabilia, is in a fine-looking building right in the shadow of the stands. Nine of the sixteen taps on the bar dispense Carlsberg.
Last visited 2004.
Walton Breck Road / Lake Street
Arkles Boddingtons, Flowers / 4X, Carlsberg A rather nice knocked round partly wood-floored pub in a very imposing building. Very slow service when I visited on a quiet Thursday evening. LSTV.
Grade II listed building.
Reported to be serving real ale in 2015.   QuizDay2
Last visited 2004.
Arkles Lane / Anfield Road
Cabbage Hall Boddingtons, Trophy / 4X, Carlsberg A very nice wood panelled interior to the lounge area in this large opened out pub. Small TVs are tastefully incorporated in the decor, and there's a LSTV as well. Pool table. Function room. The large garden is probably a former bowling green. After being closed for several years, re-opened in 2015 and I'm told they serve real ale.   KaraokeDay7   QuizDay4
Last visited 2004.
Townsend Lane / Walton Breck Road
Flat Iron (Breckside) Tetley In a wedge-shaped building, hence the name, this is a plain, well cared for three room boozer. There's an impressive array of trophies above the bar.   QuizDay3
Last visited 2004.
Walton Breck Road / Douglas Road
George John Smith's / Carling, Foster's, Stella This well looked after two bar pub has a peculiar layout including a large "lean-to" extension to the rear with a number of unglazed "windows" between rooms, and a very plush-looking side lounge. It re-opened in September 2002 after a period of closure, which presumably included a refurbishment, as I described it as scruffy on my previous visit.
Last visited 2004.
Breck Road / Oakfield Road
King Charles Tetley / Carling A plain clean one bar pub with a tiny front lounge served from a hatch.
Last visited 2004.
Thirlmere Road / Grasmere Street
King Harry Tetley / Carlsberg, Foster's A plain two-sided local, completely empty when I visited, but presumably packed on match days. One side has a very high ceiling with some nice plasterwork.
Last visited 2004.
Anfield Road / 55 Blessington Road
Oakfield Tetley / 4X A plain, clean and tidy two-sided pub. Pool table. Now closed.
Last visited 1998.
Oakfield Road / Thirlmere Road
Park Tetley, Worthington / Carling A nicely done out knocked through pub managed by Bass's Liverpool Pub Company, right across the road from the football ground. LSTV.   Live entertainmentDay5
Last visited 2004.
Walton Breck Road / Towson Street
Richmond Arms Hand pumpWalker, Tetley / 4X, Stella A small two-sided local. The lounge side is a little worn but very pleasant. Reported closed.
Last visited 1998.
Townsend Lane
Sam Dodds Wine Bar Tetley This wine bar is a little plastic but rather atmospheric nonetheless. LSTV.
Last visited 1998.
Oakfield Road / Hawkesworth Street.
Sandon Tetley / Carlsberg At the front is a pleasant enough one room pub with a fine electrolier. Behind is the small "sports bar", closed when I visited, and further back is a large function room.
Last visited 2000.
Oakfield Road / Houlding Street
Shanks Bar Closed.   Live entertainmentDay7   Live musicDay5
Not visited.
48 Thirlmere Road
Stanley Tetley / Carling, Carlsberg, Stella A plain, friendly, pleasantly decorated and well cared for two-sided pub. LSTV.
Last visited 2004.
Walton Breck Road / Robson Street