27 Club Sports and social club.
Not visited.
Manor Road / Grosvenor Street
Boot (Boot) (Turnberry's) Boddingtons, Trophy A nice large one bar pub. LSTV. "Friar Tuck's Fayre" food looks good value. After a period as Turnberry's and a period of closure, I'm told this is now back as The Boot.
Last visited 1999.
Wallasey Road / Liscard Grove
Bowls and Snooker Club
Not visited.
Manor Road / Belgrave Street
Dukes (Wellington) Boddingtons, Flowers A large knocked through pub with umpteen pool tables. Nice wood panelling and a tiled floor. The signs "Girls Toilet" and "Boys Toilet" indicate the target age group. I desperately wanted to criticise this youth oriented pool hall but it's actually very nice!
Not visited since it was renamed.
Last visited 1999.
Wallasey Road / Liscard Way
Lazy Landlord Ale House

Not visited.
Mill Lane / Leominster Road
Misty Blue
Not visited.
Manor Road / Grosvenor Street
Old Manor Club
Not visited.
Withens Lane / Brookthorpe Close
Pool Inn Hand pumpCains, Greenalls, Tetley / Carling A nicely done out two bar pub with an unusual double-sided gents.
Now demolished, I'm told.
Last visited 1999.
Poulton Road / Poulton Bridge Road
Primrose Hotel Hand pumpCains, Greenalls / Foster's, Heineken, Stella Nice old decor and an enormous fireplace in this two room pub.
Last visited 1998.
Withens Lane / Greenwood Lane
Queens Hand pumpJohn Smith's, John Smith's / Foster's The interior decor is a throwback to the seventies while the clientele are a throwback to the stone age. The staff were unable to provide a lemonade with any fizz in it for my driver when we visited.
Last visited 1999.
Liscard Village / Queen Street
Royal Oak Refurbished in June 1999. Refurbished again in 2006, reported as closed in 2007, and re-opened in 2008.
Not visited.
Liscard Village
Saddle Inn
Hand pumpguests, Hand pumpTetley, John Smith's / Foster's, Stella A large traditionally styled knocked round bar at the front, and two restaurant rooms at the rear. The pub is well cared for, as are the real ales.
Last visited 2004.
30 Withens Lane / Trinity Road
Not visited.
Seaview Road / Edinburgh Road
Tower Worthington Nice enough but a bit noisy in the wood-floored bar side. The lounge looks pleasant as well. There is a pleasing lack of brewery promotional material on the walls. The Worthington Creamflow was flat when I visited.
Last visited 1999.
Mill Lane / Liscard Way
Not visited.
Seaview Road / Longview Avenue
Wetherspoon's Clairville Hand pumpusuals Formerly a NETTO supermarket, I'm told, this large open pub is nicely decorated in slightly quirky modern style.
Last visited May 2017.
Wallasey Road / St Albans Road