Cabbage Inn
Worthington / Carling, Foster's A rather splendid 30s (?) building contains a two-sided boozer. The plain clean and tidy bar side was remarkably lively on a damp Monday afternoon.
Now closed.
Last visited 2010.
Fleetwoods Lane / Edge Lane
Eden Vale Tetley, Worthington / Carling, Foster's This traditional two-sided 60s boozer has a plain bar side a touch grubby in places, and a comfortable looking lounge side which was empty when I visited.
Last visited 2010.
Glovers Lane / Eden Vale
Marti's Sports Bar
Not visited.
Glover's Lane / Magdalene Square
Packet Steamer Hand pumpguest, Hand pumpJennings Cumberland, Tetley / Becks, Carling, Foster's Well-done up market decor in this modern restaurant / bar / hotel complex. Unfortunately the real ales were off when I visited, but at least the barman told me rather than serving a pint of vinegar.
Last visited 2010.
Copy Lane / Northern Perimeter Road
Park Hotel
Not visited.
Dunnings Bridge Road / Park Lane West