Bridge Inn Hotel Tetley / Carlsberg A splendid exterior and interior on this hotel, in keeping with the rest of the Port Sunlight Village. A building this good really ought to have real ale!
... And umpteen years later, I'm told they now have a range of real ales.
Last visited 2000.
Bolton Road / Victoria Street
Brown Cow Boddingtons, Flowers / Heineken, Stella A pleasant enough plastic knocked through one bar pub. LSTV.
Last visited 2000.
Bromborough Road / Trafalgar Drive
Gladstone Arms Long closed, and converted to offices.
Not visited.
Bromborough Road / Birch Road
Port Sunlight Mens Club
Not visited.
Bridge Street
Trafalgar Sports and Music Club, says the sign.
Not visited.
Bromborough Road / Carlton Road
Village Hotel and leisure complex.
Not visited.
New Chester Road / Pool Lane