Dovecot Social Club Some kind of restaurant / bar in an old cinema.
Now closed.
Not visited.
East Prescot Road / Dovecot Place
Eagle and Child "Bird & Bastard" Now closed. This large pub had a history of trouble going back to fights between US and British servicemen during the last war. (Other sources say the tensions were between black and white G.I.s) More recently, it was well known for serving free scouse to get round the Sunday licensing laws. It also spent a period of time as two separate operations in the one building. Closed down for the last time in about 1995, and demolished June 1998, the site is now a small retail estate.
Not visited.
East Prescot Road / Princess Drive
This large pub by the roundabout has a nicely decorated lounge, looking a little worn in places (But it has been refurbished since my visit, I'm told.) The hand pumps never seemed to be on, and have now disappeared.
Now closed, and converted to food outlets.
Last visited 2005.
East Prescot Road / Pilch Lane
Highfield Residents Club Normal pub prices for beer in this pleasantly decorated social club, which has a pool room and a concert hall.
Last visited 1998.
Queen's Drive / Prescot Road
Knotty Ash
Historically the "posh" pub in Knotty Ash, but when I visited in 1998 I described it as being somewhat faded.
2003: It has been totally re-modelled since then, however, and if you ignore the awful pastel green and blue exterior and go inside you'll find some extremely nice decor with a pale wood floor in the bar side and traditional carpet and wooden panelling in the knocked through lounge.
2009: The outside's got its proper colour back and the interior remains very pleasant throughout.
Closed in 2011.
Last visited 2009.
East Prescot Road / Thomas Lane
Lord Nelson
A nice small multi-roomed pub with (genuine) wooden beams inside and a beer garden at the back.
Last visited 2003.
East Prescot Road / Rudyard Road
Toby Carvery Stoneycroft (Queens Drive)
Hand pump
Absolutely enormous food-oriented place with a pleasant well-done interior. Despite the name, there is an area inside for drinkers, and a number of people had come in for a pint. The three handpumps offered Doom Bar, Doom Bar or Doom Bar but it was in good nick so who's complaining?
Last visited September 2017.
Queens Drive / Inigo Road
Hand pump
A nice old pub, well preserved, with etched windows advertising the long defunct Knotty Ash Ales. The two rooms on the lounge side still have waitress service with bell-pushes, and no direct access to a counter. Tables out front.
Last visited 2003.
East Prescot Road / Thomas Lane