Bottle and Glass
Not visited.
Saint Helens Road / Reeds Lane
Hand pumpJohn Smith's, John Smith's, Tetley / 1664, Foster's A plain, popular, well cared for two bar pub.
Last visited 2003.
Ormskirk Road / Old Lane
Colliers Arms Hand pumpguests A rather fine 1930s (?) village pub with a higgledypiggledy interior layout, serving good food and fine real ale.
Last visited 2007.
Pimbo Road, King's Moss
Derby Arms Hotel
Hand pumpBass, Hand pumpBlack Sheep, Hand pumpGreenalls, John Smith's / Foster's, Stella Very nice olde-worlde decor in this friendly multi-room pub. The menu looks good. I'm told they've increased the range of real ales since my visit.
Last visited 2003.
Church Road / Southerns Lane
Eagle and Child Inn
Hand pumpTetley, John Smith's / 1664, Foster's Nice traditional decor and a fine pint of Tetley Bitter inside this friendly two sided pub.
Last visited 2003.
Church Road / Cross Pit Lane
Golden Lion
Hand pumpguest, John Smith's / 1664, Foster's A large nicely decorated knocked through one bar pub. The traditional interior is all fake I think. I visited on a Saturday morning and had the pub to myself for half an hour, apart from the friendly dog.
Recently they ran out of bitter on a Sunday afternoon, I'm told.
In 2005 I received a report complaining of poor beer, poor food and poor service.
Last visited 2003.
Church Road / Leyland Road
Junction Hand pumpvarious A pleasant traditionally decorated pub serving excellent real ales.
Last visited October 2016.
102 News Lane, Rainford Junction
Red Cat Hotel Hand pumpFlowers IPA, Hand pumpguests The plain traditional decor is well done in this pub with four rooms. The food looks good and the real ale is excellent. Some of the windows feature illuminated red cats, in case you can't find it in the dark!
Last visited 2007.
Crank Hill / Higher Lane, Crank
Star Inn Seven handpumps, and my pint was spot on, in this pleasant popular pub. The menu for the restaurant looks good and it was very busy on a Sunday evening, with people waiting for tables.
Last visited 2014.
Church Road / Rose Drive
Wheatsheaf Hotel Now an Indian restaurant.
Not visited.
Ormskirk Road, Bushey Lane