Abbotsford Closed and tinned up in 2010.
Not visited.
Old Chester Road / Rock Lane West
Bedford John Smith's / Carling I was warned this pub had a rough reputation but there was no sign of that when I finally got around to visiting. A plain well cared for multi-roomed boozer busy with friendly regulars.
Last visited October 2015.
Bedford Road / Corinthian Street
Cock and Donkey (Fairfield Hotel) Hand pumpWainwright, Tetley / San Miguel The Fairfield Hotel was a plain, pleasant, clean and tidy two sided corner house. It has been nicely refurbished and joins the At Will chain of "Cock and" pubs and was busy with lively regulars when I was there. Good real ale.
Last visited October 2015.
292 Old Chester Road / Fairfield Road
Derby Arms
Not visited.
2 Nelson Road / Sefton Road
New Southend
Not visited.
Old Chester Road / Union Street
Railway Tetley / Carlsberg, Stella A plain, pleasant, well cared for interior in the style of a social club.   KaraokeDay6   Live entertainmentDay5
Last visited 2003.
St Pauls Road / Oak Tree Place
Refreshment Rooms (Admiral Hotel)
Hand pumpguest / Carlsberg, San Miguel Re-opened as the Refreshment Rooms gastro-pub in June 2012 after a long period of closure. A large open two-sided pub/restaurant with one side dedicated to diners (Although I sat there anyway.) Look out for the Birkenhead Brewery windows. The food looks good and the small selection of real ales includes a house brew.
Last visited October 2015.
Bedford Road East / Rock Road East
Rock Station / Carling This two sided pub was nicely decorated but looking perhaps a bit grubby in places when I was there in 2003. It was nice to find a jukebox that was audible but not deafening.
Returning in 2015 I found it has been well looked after and there was no sign of the grubbiness. It was full of friendly locals who were mostly ignoring the multiple TVs showing sports.
I'm not sure I like three screens side-by-side showing three different sports - it's very distracting - but one can always sit elsewhere in the pub, so no cause for complaint.
Last visited October 2015.
Highfield Road / Bedford Road
Rock Villa Boddingtons, Tetley, Trophy / 4X This multi-roomed pub was almost empty on a Thursday evening. The interior is nicely done, traditional, partly wooden-floored.
Last visited 2003.
Old Chester Road / Rockville Street