Black Horse
Mansfield / Carling This popular plain well cared for two-sided pub has a wooden floor in the bar side.
Noted converted to a Chinese takeaway in 2012.
Last visited 2004.
111 Park Road / Blackhorse Street, Finger Post
Branskys Now closed and boarded up.
Not visited.
Parr Street / Ashcroft Street, Finger Post
Bull's Head Noted closed and boarded up in 2013.
Not visited.
1 Fleet Lane, Parr
Carr Mill Hand pumpGreene King Abbot, Hand pumpGreene King IPA, John Smith's / Carlsberg, San Miguel, Stella An inter-war roadhouse housing a pleasant food-led place under Green King's Flaming Grill brand.
Last visited September 2018.
East Lancs. Road / Green Leach Lane
Cherry Tree
Not visited.
389 Fleet Lane, Derbyshire Hill
Church Inn
Not visited.
85 Broad Oak Road / Epsom Street
Engine Inn Noted closed and boarded up in 2013.
Not visited.
Newton Road / Havannah Lane, Ashton's Green
Finger Post Hotel John Smith's, Tetley, Worthington / Carling, Stella This two-sided local is nicely done out. LSTV.
Last visited 2004.
139 Higher Parr Street / Traverse Street, Finger Post
Furnaceman's Arms Tetley / Carling In 2000 I described this three-roomed pub as scruffy. The interior has been done up since then and is well cared for and very nicely decorated in traditional style.
Last visited 2004.
Pocket Nook Street / Wood Street
Glass Horse A family dining pub in the Hungry Horse chain.
Not visited.
Sherley Road / Saint Helens Linkway
Griffin Inn Closed and boarded up.
Not visited.
147 Peasley Cross Lane
John Smith's, Tetley / Carlsberg, Foster's, Heineken Inside this large free-standing building the bar side is pleasant and well cared for. At the time of my visit the lounge side was in the middle of a major refurbishment.
Last visited 2013.
Derbyshire Hill Road / Newton Road
New Inn
Not visited.
90 Peasley Cross Lane, Peasley Cross
Oddfellows Arms Noted closed and boarded up in 2013.
Not visited.
Parr Stocks Road / Ramford Street, Parr
Park Noted closed in 2013.
Not visited.
Chancery Lane / Boardmans Lane, Parr
Parr Conservative Working Mens Club
Not visited.
Broad Oak Road / Hargreaves Street, Parr
Pickled Egg
Not visited.
351 Sutton Road, Peasley Cross
Primrose Vaults
Burtonwood / Carling A plain clean and tidy two-sided pub.
After a long period of closure it re-opened in Autumn 2008.
Last visited 2004.
Park Road / Mulcrow Close, Finger Post
Princess Royal
John Smith's, Tetley / Carling, Carlsberg This two sided traditional boozer, totally empty when I visited, is plain and rather worn. Noted tinned up in 2013.
Last visited 2004.
350 Park Road / Boardmans Lane, Finger Post
Queens Arms Tetley / Carlsberg, Foster's A nice well cared for two-bar boozer.
Last visited 2004.
Higher Parr Street / Traverse Street, Pocket Nook
Not visited.
132 Fleet Lane, Parr
Ramford Hotel
Not visited.
137a Ramford Street, Parr Stocks
Ship Inn
Hand pumpGreene King IPA, Hand pumpTheakston / 1664, Carlsberg, Foster's This very large nicely appointed pub has a partially knocked through plastic-traditional interior. It serves a fine pint, and the food is popular. LSTV. There's a nice-looking beer garden at the back.
Last visited 2004.
273 Blackbrook Road / West End Road
Star Inn
Hand pumpBombardier, Tetley, Worthington / Carling, Stella The plain bar side is a little worn, but clean and tidy, while the lounge looks more salubrious. When we asked for bitter in the bar we were not offered the cask beer and it was only later we spotted the operational hand pump in the lounge, so I cannot comment on the quality of the ale.
Last visited 2004.
Merton Bank Road / Holly Bank Grove
Toby Waterside
Not visited.
East Lancs Road / Carr Mill Road
Victoria Greenalls, Stones / Carling The scruffy regulars did not live up to the standard of the rather pleasant L-shaped lounge side The other side was closed when I visited.
Last visited 2000.
15 Pocket Nook Street / Atlas Street
Not visited.
81 Woodlands Road, Haresfinch