Bird In Hand
Not visited.
Oakdale Road, off Wheatland Lane
Five Bars Rest Hydes / Alpine Interior decor a bit garish in this pub partially knocked through into one room. Fairly quiet on a Friday afternoon, but judging by the speakers and amplifiers I bet it's lively Friday night!
Last visited 2010.
Church Road / Borough Way
Great Float Hotel John Smith's, Tetley / Carling, Carlsberg One handpump not in use in this plain two-sided boozer, empty on a Friday afternoon. The outside looks a little tatty, unlike the interior which is well cared for. Guiness and Tetley Bitter were unavailable when I visited.
Last visited 2010.
164 Wheatland Lane / Hawthorn Grove
Leasowe Castle Boddingtons, John Smith's, Younger's Outside, a rather splendid "flat-iron" building, standing in isolation. Inside, a plain two-roomed boozer, clean and tidy. On a Friday afternoon I was the only customer and after serving me the barman kept himself busy filling the optics ready for the Friday night rush.
Last visited 2010.
Borough Road / Abbotsford Street
Mona Castle Tetley A plain front room in this popular down market boozer, where the barmaid was more interested in chatting on the 'phone than serving me. I was surprised to see keg Walker's Bitter on sale.
Last visited 2010.
Wheatland Lane / Percy Road
O'Shea's This appeared to be closed when I passed by in April 2010.
Not visited.
Birkenhead Road / Wheatland Lane
Prince Alfred Closed when I passed in April 2010.
Not visited.
Church Road / Borough Road
Seacombe Ferry Hotel Boddingtons, John Smith's, Trophy / Carling, Foster's, Stella A little down at heel, and with a To Let sign outside. Nonetheless I found one large well cared for light open room, very quiet on a Friday afternoon. My beer-mat carried a promotion for the Football World Cup four years ago!
Noted demolished in 2012.   KaraokeDay7
Last visited 2010.
Victoria Place