(Including CANTRIL FARM)

Barley Mow Large tidy basic 50s two-bar boozer. 2 pool tables, LSTV.
Noted closed and tinned up in 2018, and reportedly scheduled for demolition.
Last visited 1998.
Waterpark Drive, Stockbridge Lane end
Black Angus This sixties estate pub appears a little unwelcoming as you approach, but the two bar interior is pleasant and very well looked after.
Last visited February 2018.
Baron's Hey
Not visited.
Boode Croft
Ploughman A plain clean and tidy sixties local, boisterous and noisy when I visited.
Last visited February 2018.
Waterpark Drive opposite The Croft precinct
Thatcher Closed.
Not visited.
Village Inn (Tithe Barn) A pleasant well cared for classic 1960s estate pub. The lounge side was closed on my most recent visit.
Last visited February 2018.
Haswell Drive / Juniper Close