(Including NETHERLEY)

Bridge Inn
Tetley, Worthington / Carling This wonderful 1920s (?) road house retains some original features in the comfortable clean and tidy interior with lounge side, bar side and pool room at the back.
Sadly it was closed for demolition in 2015.
Last visited 2012.
Childwall Valley Road / Runton Road
Cat's Whiskers Boddingtons Gold, Higsons / Carlsberg Pleasant enough somewhat faded sixties pub with friendly staff. The nice beer garden includes an apparently empty aviary. The lounge side was closed on my visit.
Last visited 1998.
Chislehurst Avenue / Hartsbourne Avenue
Coronation Worthington / Carling, Foster's This well cared for late 50s roadhouse has two bars and the lounge side is nicely decorated. Food is served from 09.30 and the menu looks good. Beer garden to the rear. Closed and demolished.
Last visited 2006.
Childwall Valley Road / Sandbrook Road
Hand pumpguest, Hand pumpOakwell Barnsley Bitter This typical 60s estate pub has been very nicely refurbished and is very well cared for. There are two bars and they serve an excellent pint of Barnsley Bitter.
Last visited 2004.
Caldway Drive / Sullington Drive, Netherley
Highwayman Falstaff, Tetley / Carlsberg A clean and tidy bar side with quarry tiled floor, bare brick walls and comfortable bench seats. £1 a pint when I visited. Now closed and boarded up.
Last visited 1999.
Shrewton Road / Rimmerbrook Road
Lee Park Boddingtons, Trophy, Worthington / Carling A scruffy exterior in a tatty council estate hides a pleasant bar and a plush, empty, lounge. Now closed.
Last visited 1999.
Lee Park Avenue / Woodlee Road
Seventh Vale Tetley / Carlsberg, Labatts A typical two bar boozer with nice decor, situated in a run down council estate reminiscent of urban Poland! Difficult to get to by car if you don't know the layout of the roads on the estate. Now closed and derelict.
Last visited 1998.
Durford Walk
St Ciril's Parish Club
Not visited.
Southbrook Road
Turtle Closed.
Not visited.
2 Tuffins Corner
Zodiac John Smith's, Stones / Carling The only way in is hidden round the back of this ugly sixties construction. Apart from the worn carpet the bar is nicely looked after and popular, the large lounge side was closed on my visit. LSTV. Posters warning that anyone caught taking drugs will be barred set the tone for the customers.
Now closed.
Last visited 1999.
Naylorsfield Drive / 3 Southbrook Way