Alexandra Hotel Closed and demolished.
Not visited.
Crossley Road
British Lion Boddingtons, John Smith's, Tetley / Carling, Foster's A friendly street-corner boozer with plain decor well looked after and spotlessly clean. The large open lounge side was not in use when I visited early on a Saturday whilst the bar side was quite busy.
Last visited 2010.
Lugsmore Lane / West Street
Brown Edge Hand pumpguest, Hand pumpJennings Cumberland / Carling, Foster's From the outside this free-standing pub looks rather plain. The interior is partly knocked through but retains separate bar and lounge sides, the lounge having two rooms. The decor is very well done and cared for, especially in the rather posh lounge side.
It's unusual nowadays to see a pie warmer behind the bar!
Last visited 2010.
299 Nutgrove Road / Fountain Street
Thwaites / Carling, Foster's Knocked through into one large L-shaped room which still seems to retain to some extent a posh end and a plain end, both well cared for.
Last visited 2012.
Elephant Lane / Crown Street
Railway Hotel Greenalls, Stones / Carling A plain bar side and a nice two roomed lounge side in this traditional street corner ale house. Bowling green at the back. Oversize glasses for a proper pint. Noted closed and boarded up in 2010.
Last visited 1999.
Scholes Lane / Stevens Street
John Smith's, Theakston / 1664, Foster's The large bar side is nicely decorated and well kept in this two-sided pub in an impressive building.
Last visited 2012.
Thatto Heath Road / Springfield Road
Sutton Arms Boddingtons, John Smith's, Tetley / Carling, Foster's Looks a bit tatty from the outside but when you get in the comfortable but deserted lounge and the plain bar side busy with cheerful locals are both well maintained. The gents is a bit tatty, though.
Now closed.
Last visited 2010.
Sherdley Road / Elephant Lane
Vine Tavern Tetley / Carling A plain but spotless bar side in this two-sided corner house. The "Cask Ales" sign outside has been misleading for at least thirteen years.
Last visited 2012.
Elephant Lane / South Street
York Boddingtons, John Smith's / Carling, Foster's Outside a rather fine stone building. Inside a proper multi-room pub with a friendly bar side divided in two by a glazed partition, and a lounge side formed of at least three rooms, all nicely decorated and well cared for. It's a shame the place was totally deserted at 1pm on a Saturday.
Last visited 2010.
96 Nutgrove Road / Reservoir Street