Alexandra Hotel Noted boarded up in 2012.
Not visited.
Victoria Road / Derby Road
Beehive Tetley / Carling, Foster's, Stella This plain two-sided pub is very well looked after inside.
Last visited 2012.
Church Road / Walker Street
Black Horse Hotel Tetley / Carling, Carlsberg, Foster's Classic 1930s exterior on this building dated 1931. Inside a plain well cared for two sided large open pub with a gang of regulars sat at the bar when I visited on a Friday afternoon.
Last visited 2012.
227 Church Road / Well Lane
Britannia Inn Demolished 20 March 2002.
Not visited.
Old Chester Road / Green Lane
Crooked Billet Trophy / 4X, Stella The uneven floor, (fake?) half-timbering and unusual layout suggest this well cared for multi-roomed pub may be very old.
Reported closed in 2010.   Play Your Cards RightDay4
Last visited 2003.
Old Chester Road / Queens Place
Gladstone Social Club
Not visited.
Church Road / Dial Road
Imperial Hotel
Not visited.
Whitefield Street / Derby Road
Lord Raglan
Not visited.
New Chester Road / Union Street
Mason's Arms Closed June 2002 and now a cafe.
Not visited.
Union Street / Roslyn Street
Mersey Clipper Greenalls, Stones Fake antique decor in this large split level barn. Food except match days.
Last visited 1998.
Adjacent to Tranmere's ground.
Mr.Davidson's Bar (Royal Castle Hotel) I'm told the Royal Castle had a wonderful interior. Let's hope it's survived the renaming.

This multi-room venue is also known as Revolver, I think.
Not visited.
New Chester Road / Green Lane
Prenton Park (Prenton Hotel) Hand pumpBombardier, John Smith's / Carling, Stella A pleasantly-styled open two room pub very quiet on a Friday afternoon. The upholstery is a bit mauve for my taste, but it's comfortable all the same. Located at the corner of the football ground.
Last visited 2012.
Borough Road / Prenton Road West
Sportsman Hand pumpMarston's EPA, Boddingtons, John Smith's / Carling, Carlsberg, Foster's, Stella A nicely done two roomed light open pub, concentrating on good value pub food and also doing a good cheap pint of EPA.
Last visited 2012.
Greenway Raod / Prenton Road East
Victoria Lodge
Not visited.
Victoria Road / Seaton Road