Alexandra Hotel Noted boarded up in 2012.
Not visited.
Victoria Road / Derby Road
Beehive Tetley / Carling, Foster's, Stella This plain two-sided pub is very well looked after inside.
Last visited 2012.
Church Road / Walker Street
Birch Tree (Mersey Clipper) Hand pumpGreene King IPA, John Smith's / Carlsberg, Coors, San Miguel, Stella Standard chain pub decor in this large open dining pub, which manages to create a more friendly atmosphere than many of its type. Food under Greene King's "Flaming Grill" brand.
Last visited April 2018.
Prenton Road West / Woodchurch Lane
Black Horse Hotel Tetley / Carling, Carlsberg, Foster's Classic 1930s exterior on this building dated 1931. Inside a plain well cared for two sided large open pub with a gang of regulars sat at the bar when I visited on a Friday afternoon.
Last visited 2012.
227 Church Road / Well Lane
Britannia Inn Demolished 20 March 2002.
Not visited.
Old Chester Road / Green Lane
Carlton Noted closed in 2010, and now converted for residential use.
Not visited.
Borough Road / Carlton Road
Cock and Donkey (Fairfield Hotel) Hand pumpWainwright, Tetley / San Miguel The Fairfield Hotel was a plain, pleasant, clean and tidy two sided corner house. It has been nicely refurbished and joins the At Will chain of "Cock and" pubs and was busy with lively regulars when I was there. Good real ale.
Last visited 2015.
292 Old Chester Road / Fairfield Road
Crooked Billet Trophy / 4X, Stella The uneven floor, (fake?) half-timbering and unusual layout suggest this well cared for multi-roomed pub may be very old.
Reported closed in 2010.
Last visited 2003.
Old Chester Road / Queens Place
Gladstone Social Club
Not visited.
Church Road / Dial Road
Imperial Hotel John Smith's / Amstel, Carling, Foster's A very pleasant and friendly two sided street corner pub, with very nice decor in the lounge side.
Last visited April 2018.
Whitfield Street / Derby Road
Lord Napier John Smith's, Theakston / Carling, Foster's A classic two-bar pub, very tidy outside and in.
Last visited April 2018.
28 St Pauls Road / Meadow Lane
Lord Raglan Now closed.
Not visited.
New Chester Road / Union Street
Mason's Arms Closed June 2002.
Not visited.
Union Street / Roslyn Street
New Southend Now closed.
Not visited.
Old Chester Road / Union Street
Old House at Home John Smith's, Worthington / Carling, Coors A nicely done and friendly local, knocked through into one comfortable room but retaining a "bar end" and a "lounge end".
Last visited April 2018.
Queen Street / Holborn Hill
Prenton Park (Prenton Hotel) Hand pumpBombardier, John Smith's / Carling, Stella A pleasantly-styled open two room pub very quiet on a Friday afternoon. The upholstery is a bit mauve for my taste, but it's comfortable all the same. Located at the corner of the football ground.
Last visited 2012.
Borough Road / Prenton Road West
Railway Tetley / Carlsberg, Stella A plain, pleasant, well cared for interior in the style of a social club.
Now closed.
Last visited 2003.
St Pauls Road / Oak Tree Place
Revolver (Royal Castle Hotel) Only open weekend evenings, I think. The bar at one end is also known as Mr. Davidson's Bar.
I'm told the Royal Castle had a wonderful interior. Let's hope it's survived the renaming.
Not visited.
New Chester Road / Green Lane
Sportsmans Arms Hand pumpMarston's EPA, Boddingtons, John Smith's / Carling, Carlsberg, Foster's, Stella A nicely done two roomed light open pub, concentrating on good value pub food and also doing a good cheap pint of EPA.
Last visited 2012.
Greenway Raod / Prenton Road East
Victoria Lodge Closed.
Not visited.
Victoria Road / Seaton Road