About The Pittsburgh Pub Guide

The Pittsburgh Pub Guide is an attempt to catalogue the bars in the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, providing a description, location and beer list for each one.

What? This is not a good beer guide or a good pub guide, although I hope it will help you to find good beer and good pubs. The objective is to list and describe all the pubs in the area, along with a selection of night clubs, hotels and private clubs.

How? The reviews are all my own. There is no team of researchers visiting the pubs and reporting back to headquarters. People have helped by contributing pub names and locations, and more are always welcome, but only a personal visit by me results in a review in the list and I write what I see - No payments or free drinks have been accepted. My comments are often based on one brief visit, and this should be born in mind when reading them. You also need to remember that bars change all the time, sometimes a refurbishment and change of style, sometimes the quiz just moves to a different day of the week. Where changes are known I have noted them, but there must be many of which I am not aware. This is where the readers come in - Updates and corrections are always welcome.

Who? I am Phil Wieland. As you may already have discerned, I am not a Pittsburgh native. Born in the UK, in Cambridge, and normally living in Liverpool (See my guide) I moved to Pittsburgh in June 2000 for a two year stay. I am now back home in Liverpool, so this guide is no longer being updated.

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