Phil's World Pub Guides - España

Pub Comments Location
Ertz Taberna A pleasant modern open bar, convenient for the bus stop and the railway museum.
Last visited September 2023.
Enparan Kalea
Benditto A pleasant quiet street corner bar.
Last visited October 2023.
Carrer de Bailén / Carrer del Rosselló
Cafeteria Restaurant A very up market station buffet in the impressive terminus.
Last visited October 2023.
Estaciò de França
El Casino A nice old room with columns supporting the ceiling. In the corner are three tanks which purport to contain Ambar Fab. (As far as I can see it's not a casino.)
Last visited October 2023.
Carrer Major / Rambla de la Marina
Bizu BI A pleasant tapas place, fine foods and Amstel.
Last visited September 2023.
Done Jakue Plazatxoa
Itsasmuseum Bar Attached to the maritime museum. A bit untidy due to lack of staff, but a nice glass of no-name lager.
Last visited September 2023.
Euskalduna Zubia
Medikopa Pleasant tables on the riverbank. Lager from Donostia.
Last visited September 2023.
Martzana Kaia
Bar Catalunya Cal Ramon A modern plain bar.
Last visited October 2023.
Plaça de Catalunya
El Rovell de L'ou A splendid traditional bar/restaurant. The lunch menu is excellent, I had rabbit.
Last visited October 2023.
Plaça del Pilar
El Molinet A tiny cafe bar.
Last visited October 2023.
Plaça de Sant Joan
The Garden More of a restaurant than a bar, really. Very good.
Last visited October 2023.
Rambla de Ferran / Carrer de L'Audiència
La Taperia A tiny plain bar/cafe plus tables in the street. Good down to earth tapas.
Last visited October 2023.
El Frankfurt de la Guàrdia A small bar cafe, plain and friendly.
Last visited October 2023.
Passatge de Josep Ros
Taps i Tapes A good tapas bar.
Last visited October 2023.
Rambla de les Bòbiles
Celtic Mine II A friendly bar with an inner room, an intermediate enclosed terrace, and tables on the pavement.
Last visited September 2023.
Carrer Juslarrocha / Carrer Cruz de Barkazio
Bar Gusi A large pleasant bar with an outdoor sports theme, mainly cycling and skiing.
Last visited October 2023.
Eix Pirinenc
La Fàbrica 1909 Cafe/bar in the courtyard of the excellent Scianece and Technology Museum.
Last visited October 2023.
Rambla d'Ègara
Gas 26 Restaurant Good food in this tiny cafe.
Last visited October 2023.
Carrer del Gas
La Estación A bar with a pleasant modern interior. Just across the road from the station.
Last visited September 2023.
Eduardo Dato Kalea

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