Phil's World Pub Guides - Derbyshire, UK

Pub Comments Location
Swan A rather fine traditional boozer with three rooms around a central servery. There's some nice leaded glasswork. Excellent real ales.
Last visited September 2009.
High Street / Church Street
Wetherspoon's Wye Bridge House A pleasant conversion of an old building retaining the exterior while thoroughly modernised inside.
Last visited November 2011.
Fairfield Road
Golden Fleece    
Joplin's A nicely done out knocked through pub concentrating on food but serving an excellent pint of cask conditioned Stones. LSTV.
Last visited May 2000.
Low Pavements
Royal Oak A selection of real ales is available in this two sided pub with a half-timbered interior. It claims to be the oldest pub in Chesterfield. There is no communication between the two rooms except via the street, so don't drink in the upper bar on a rainy day or you'll get wet going to the gents! The food is good.
Last visited July 2007.
Hidden up an alley-way off the Market
Wetherspoon's Portland Hotel A large popular Wetherspoon's, traditionally decorated. Hotel upstairs.
Last visited October 2022.
West Bars / Park Road
Wetherspoon's Spa Lane Vaults A typical reliable Wetherspoon's with rather nice stylish decor.
Last visited October 2022.
St Mary's Gate
Alexandra An excellent two sided boozer serving superb real ale with about ten on. I had some Ice Cream Porter which was superb, unfortunately I forgot to note the brewery. The place was full of railway people and the walls are covered in railway memorabilia. You don't often see a jar of pickled eggs behind the bar, nowadays.
Last visited October 2017.
Siddals Road / Canal Street
Brunswick A superb provider of umpteen real ales. A splendid stone floored multi room interior. The unusual handpumps have a short and a long spout, selectable according to what type of serve is desired.
Last visited October 2017.
Calvert Street / Railway Terrace
Derby Brewing Tap House Five or so real ales on offer in this rather good pub, partially knocked through with a dark atmospheric interior. I've a sneaking suspicion it's all fake but it is still pleasing. Old wooden floors add to the pleasant appearance. Menu looks good.
Last visited February 2023.
Derwent Street / Exeter Place
Exeter Arms An excellent historic-looking multi room interior. Quality cask ales served. Food is excellent and despite a warning at a very busy time that there would be a delay it arrived pretty quickly. Lots of friendly regulars who all know each other.
Last visited February 2023.
Exeter Place / Exeter Street
Peacock A plain pleasant two sided boozer, the room I sat in was decorated with umpteen black and white pictures of footballers - Brian Clough was the only one I recognised.
Quality cask ales are on offer, a choice of four or five. After I sat down I noticed the "Fresh Bass" sign - Curses, missed it. Never mind, the Titanic Plum Porter was gorgeous.
Last visited February 2023.
Nottingham Road / Robert Street
Smithfield A rather fine two sided street corner pub with a great range of about ten real ales, including some fine Bass. The walls are decorated with plenty of breweriania. The live music blackboard was two months of of date, still showing December in mid February. Or maybe it was next Christmas?? Plenty of cheerful regulars at four on a Friday.
Last visited February 2023.
Meadow Road
Wetherspoon's Babington Arms A nicely done spoons with dark wood panelling and bookcases. A wide range of quality real ales.
Last visited February 2023.
Babington Lane / Gower Street
Wetherspoon's Standing Order A spectacular main room in this former bank. Larger and surprisingly slightly less busy (I managed to get a seat.) than the other 'spoons next door.
Last visited October 2017.
Iron Gate / Amen Alley
Wetherspoon's Thomas Leaper Dark wood panelling in an interior somewhat cluttered with columns. This Lloyds No.1 was packed at four on a Saturday.
Closed in 2023.
Last visited October 2017.
Iron Gate / Amen Alley
Bar 2 A very good shop conversion offering quality real ales.
Last visited November 2023.
High Street East / Norfolk Street
Crown Included in CAMRA's National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors, this rather fine pub with one central counter and a number of rooms is well preserved, retaining some Victorian features. A fine (and cheap) pint of Sam Smith's OBB.
Last visited November 2017.
Charlestown Road / Hollin Cross Lane
Norfolk Arms A very comfortable Hydes dining pub offering quality cask ales.
Last visited November 2023.
High Street West / Norfolk Street
Queens Arms A great pub serving excellent real ales.
Last visited October 2018.
Church Street South / Shepley Street, Old Glossop
Surrey Arms A pleasant plain boozer, the interior has been knocked through into one open room.
Last visited November 2017.
Charlestown Road / Victoria Court
Star A traditional street corner pub with two rooms but only one counter, where three hand pumps dispense quality real ales.
Last visited October 2018.
Norfolk Street / Howard Street
Wetherspoon's Smithy Fold A large popular 'spoons with modern decor, in the ground floor of a large mill, the rest of which is a Travelodge.
Last visited November 2017.
Victoria Street
Wheatsheaf This traditionally decorated place has the atmosphere of a village pub, with cheerful friendly locals and staff. A small selection of excellent real ales including a very nice one from the Howard Town Brewery which is only a stone's throw down the road.
Last visited October 2018.
Well Gate, Old Glossop
Eagle Tavern Good food and some fine real ale in this pleasant friendly traditionally decorated village pub.
Last visited September 2006.
White Hart    
Thorn Tree A splendid tiny traditional pub on a hillside overlooking the town centre. The beer is excellent, they had about six real ales on when I visited, and the food looks good. To find the gents, go out of the front door and turn right!
Last visited September 2009.
Wetherspoon's Red Lion A medium size traditionally decorated Wetherspoon's. Good ale and food as usual.
Last visited June 2016.
Market Place
Red Lion Good quality ales and decent food in this comfortable pub.
Last visited June 2015.

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