Phil's World Pub Guides - Lancashire, UK

Pub Comments Location
Wetherspoon's Commercial Hotel A pleasant medium sized spoon's with traditional decor.
Last visited August 2023.
Church Street / Blackburn Road
Stanley Gate A large antique-looking (But I've got a sneaking suspicion all the beams are fake.) pub concentrating on food from an up-market menu. Good real ale.
Last visited February 2007.
Wetherspoon's Postal Order On large open main bar plus a smaller back room in this Edwardian post office building.
Last visited March 2017.
Darwen Street
Brew Room Not the micro I was expecting, but a full size pub with splendid eclectic decor. Umpteen quality ales from their on-site brewery and elsewhere, and a good range of keg as well.
Last visited January 2022.
Church Street / South King Street
Mitre A small traditional boozer, nicely decorated and very busy on a wet Sunday afternoon.
Last visited September 2004.
West Street / Promenade
No. 13 Bonny Street A rather fine boozer hidden in a scruffy back street. Bare brick and rough wood decor create a pleasant ambience in one open room. On a Saturday afternoon most people were eating. Decent cask ale and the food looks good.
Last visited January 2022.
Bonny Street
Wetherspoon's Albert and the Lion One open room, not very big by Wetherspoon's standards, is this another one with a hidden upstairs? Unsurprisingly busy on a Saturday evening, but still providing very prompt service..
Last visited January 2022.
Promenade / Adelaide Street West
Wetherspoon's Layton Rakes This smaller than average (until you discover the upstairs) branch was built for Wetherspoon's. Rather impressed to find a real fire blazing away on a Saturday morning in January, and it was much appreciated in the gale force winds. Popular for breakfast.
Last visited January 2022.
Market Street / West Street
Wetherspoon's Velvet Coaster Very large open modern two floor Wetherspoon's on the sea front a way south of the town centre, but still surprisingly busy on a January Sunday evening in storm winds.
Last visited January 2022.
Promenade / Withnell Road
Wetherspoon's Boot Inn A pleasant traditional interior in this very busy member of the chain.
Last visited August 2016.
Parker Lane
Albion Shut when I passed on a Wednesday lunchtime.
Not visited.
Bolton Street / Albion Street
Not visited.
Moor Road / Crook Street
Black Horse A rather fine antique exterior includes a "Cask Ales" sign, but the inside is disappointingly plain and there's no real ale. Deserted lunchtimes, as are most of the pubs in this area.
Last visited April 2006.
Pall Mall / Tootell Street
Brooke Arms CLOSED but being refurbished in April 2006.
Not visited.
Brooke Street / Eaves Lane
Colliers Reported to be CLOSED.
Not visited.
Moor Road / Tootell Street
Duke of York
Not visited.
Bolton Street / Jackson Street
Eagle Hotel
Not visited.
Bolton Street / Jackson Street
Hop Pocket A plain, rather gloomy clean and tidy interior which could use a coat of paint, in this modern Thwaites house. Was CLOSED for a while but I'm told it's re-opened.
Last visited March 2006.
Carr Lane / Melrose Way
Malt n Hops I've not been yet, but this place comes highly recommended.
Not visited.
Friday Street / Brown Street
Mitre Nicely decorated pub knocked through into one room. Unusually, some modern wood panelling. LSTV. Cheap beer until 18:00
Last visited February 2006.
Weldbank Lane / Saville Street
Number Fifteen Nice antiquey decor on two floors, only plastic ale I'm afraid. Pretty quiet on a Thursday evening.
Last visited November 2007.
Fazakerley Street
Potters Arms Shut when I passed on a Wednesday lunchtime.
Not visited.
Brooke Street / York Street
Prince of Wales Nice ordinary pub decor in one large room with a stage at one end. A loud karaoke marks this as a kids pub, but there was a smattering of older customers as well.
Last visited November 2007.
Prince of Wales A large traditional pub with nice traditional decor in three or four rooms partially knocked through. Two real fires. A selection of Jennings' brews plus two guests.
Last visited April 2006.
Cowling Brow / Yarrow Row
Railway Inn A proper traditionally decorated multi-area local pub with one counter serving quality real ale. Check out the carvings (or plasterwork) atop the pillars by the bar. Most customers seem to be regulars who know each other, and strangely quite a lot of people nipped in to say hello without stopping for a drink. Some rooms seemed devoid of seating, possibly ready for the music later.
Last visited March 2013.
Rose and Crown Plain ordinary well cared for boozer, one bar in a few rooms knocked together. The real ale was sour when I visited. Now closed and demolished.
Last visited August 2007.
St Thomas's Road / Dole Lane
Spinners Arms A nice multi-room interior with perhaps a little too much fake-rustic bare brick and woodwork for my liking, or some tables on decking in the car park. Two hand pumps serving good real ale. They were busy serving food when I visited at lunchtime.
Last visited August 2008.
Cowling Road / Moorland Gate
Tut and Shive I'm definitely too old for this noisy boozer full of kids, but I did admire the "scenery".
Noted CLOSED in May 2008.
Last visited November 2007.
Market Street
Waggon and Horses CLOSED.
Not visited.
Bolton Street / Leigh Street
Wetherspoon's Sir Henry Tate This is in the Wetherspoons' Lloyds No.1 chain, with pop videos and loud music. The interior is nicely done with some dark wood panelling and a marble fireplace. Wetherspoon's usual excellent ale.
Last visited May 2008.
New Market Street
White Hart A bit of a shed, aimed firmly at the 'yoof' market. Open 'till two on Friday and Saturday.
Last visited August 2007.
Mealhouse Lane
Yarrow Bridge Modern decoration style in this restaurant/pub serving a fine pint of Old Mill when I was there.
Last visited April 2006.
Bolton Road / Hoggs Lane
Holmes Mill - Bowland Brewery This old mill has been nicely converted into a brewery and bar/restaurant. The bar offers about thirty real ales, from their own range and others, and the food served is excellent. If you're going on a Saturday, get there before 1pm or you won't get a table, because it's very popular. The old mill engine dating from 1910 is still in situ in one of the rooms, just as it was when they shut it down in the 1970s but with a little added corrosion. Work is continuing to convert more of the mill into a hotel, a gym and a food hall.
Last visited March 2017.
Greenacre Street
Bay Horse A pleasant friendly popular local, nicely decorated in bog-standard plastic pub style. The menu looks good, and the real ale is excellent.
Last visited March 2007.
Wigan Road / Euxton Lane
Euxton Mills A rather pleasant multi-room interior, partly knocked through, with just one bar counter. Four real ales were available when I visited. The menu ranges from basics to quite 'posh' choices, and the food smells good!
Last visited April 2007.
Wigan Road / Dawber's Lane
Plough Inn Rather nice traditional wood beam and bare brick multi-roomed interior, and a decent pint of ale with Theakston's XB and a guest on hand pump. The menu looks good.
Last visited February 2008.
Runshaw Lane
Talbot A nicely done out and friendly two-sided pub with a pool table in the bar side. The food looks good and the ale is excellent - Theakston's Bitter and a guest.
Last visited June 2007.
Balshaw Lane / Talbot Road
North Euston Hotel Very busy serving Sunday dinner and not very welcoming of drinkers, but not completely refusing them! No cask.
Last visited January 2022.
North Albert Street
Prince Arthur I visited this traditional street corner pub on "Tram Sunday" when the whole town is jammed with visitors, and it was far too busy for me to be able to get a feel for what the pub is usually like. Nonetheless, I managed to get served fairly quickly, and enjoyed an excellent pint of hand pulled Bass in a plastic glass outside.
Last visited July 2004.
Lord Street / Warren Street
Olde John O' Gaunt Basically two rooms linked by the bar area in this pleasant friendly pub serving excellent real ale.
Last visited October 2011.
Market Street
Merchants Splendidly located in some cellars, dating back to 1668 or something, although probably not as a pub. I sat in a cellar bar style brick vaulted room where everyone else was dining, perhaps I should have headed for the more pubby cellar next door. Anyway, it was warm and comfortable and, most importantly, the real ale was excellent. I had Ernie's Milk Stout - very good.
Last visited February 2023.
Market Street / Castle Hill
Sun Hotel One pleasant ancient looking, but all fake I think, room with a counter in the corner offering eight or more cask ales, including five from Lancaster Brewery. I had the always tasty Blond.
Last visited February 2023.
Church Street / Sun Street
Tite and Locke Located in the down side station buildings is this excellent craft and cask pub. Nicely decorated, spacious and comfortable. Convenient if you're waiting for a train, of course.
Last visited February 2023.
Platform 3
Wetherspoon's Richard Owen A comfortable split level room, nicely decorated. Externally not very attractive if you approach from the rear, fine at the front. Popular even at 12 on a Monday, with lots of food and drink being sold.
Last visited February 2023.
Spring Garden Street or Russell Street
Black Horse Two real fires in this traditional country pub. The separate rooms are partially knocked through, and the usual decor of horse brasses, kettles, swords and bric-a-brac. The Deuchars IPA and Old Speckled Hen were very nice when I visited, and the menu looks good.
Last visited April 2006.
Long Lane
Ship And Royal Six or more real ales were on offer when I visited this pleasant busy friendly pub full of football fans on a Sunday afternoon. The interior is traditionally done, knocked round but with separate areas.
Last visited March 2005.
Clifton Street / Pleasant Street
Wetherspoon's Railway Hotel A large Wetherspoon's with modern decor in a multi-roomed interior.
Last visited April 2016.
Station Road / North Warton Street
Palatine Quite a small pub with decor that mixes plain woodwork and rustic bare brick, a dark wood floor and some confy leather armchairs - Altogether making a very pleasant experience. And the real ale is excellent, I had something called Funnel Blower from the Box Steam Brewery - superb. The menu looks good.
Last visited October 2011.
Wetherspoon's Eric Bartholemew Contemporary decor in this middle-sized Wetherspoon's.
Last visited October 2011.
Cricketers Six real ales in good nick on sale in this large very pleasant multi-roomed pub/restaurant. The sofas and armchairs in the bar area are particularly comfortable. The menu - somewhat up-market - looks good.
Last visited January 2017.
Chapel Street / Park Road
Hop Inn Bier Shop Quality real ales from four hand pumps are complemented by an impressively broad selection of bottled beers from around the world (Including my personal favourite, Rochfort 10) in this pleasant friendly micro-bar in a converted shop.
Last visited January 2017.
Burscough Street
Railway A pleasant fake half-timbered interior in this friendly busy boozer. No real ale.
Last visited July 2006.
Wetherspoon's Court Leet A very pleasant modern Wetherspoon's unexpectedly busy on a Thursday afternoon.
Last visited November 2021.
Wheatsheaf Walk / Burscough Street
Wetherspoon's Poulton Elk A large pleasant 'spoons in a former telephone exchange.
Last visited August 2020.
Hardhorn Road
Black Horse Oh my! This architectural gem would be worth visiting even if it didn't serve superb real ale. The ceramic bar front alone is worth travelling for. The pub has the classic layout where lounge rooms are off a drinking corridor, and served via hatches in the stained glass and wood bar back.
Gently ticking over with a number of regulars at eleven on a Monday morning, so hardly peak time.
On my 2022 visit refurbishment work meant I couldn't admire the outside nor one of the side rooms. All completed when I returned in 2023.
Last visited June 2023.
Friargate / Orchard Street
Guild Ale House An excellent shop conversion offering seven cask and umpteen craft ales. The Ossett White Rat was wonderful, of course.
Last visited June 2023.
Lancaster Road / Crooked Lane
Market Tavern A rather fine traditional interior with dark wood banisters and a couple of booths which have wrought ironwork partitions. I found a quiet friendly atmosphere on a Saturday morning. And some spot on real ale.
Last visited March 2013.
Lowthian Street
Old Black Bull Outside, some splendid tiling below and half-timbering above. Inside, traditional decor and a mosaic floor in this large busy boozer with an impressive range of real ales available.
Last visited October 2007.
Friargate / Ring Way
Olde Dog and Partridge A rather tatty-looking tiled exterior hides a plain but well looked after interior knocked through into one room. A selection of good quality real ales.
Last visited October 2007.
Friargate / Ring Way
Old Vic Four or five real ales available in this big friendly comfortable boozer, conveniently located for the station.
Last visited September 2022.
Butler Street / Fishergate
Plug and Taps A very good shop conversion selling quality cask ales, I had the splendid Thornbridge Jaipur.
Last visited June 2023.
Lune Street / Fleet Street
Preston Heroes A typical plastic station buffet/bar, on Platforms 3 and 4.
Last visited July 2006.
Preston Station
Waterfront A 1980s plastic pub situated by the marina, but the good news is it serves excellent real ale (Including Fuller's London Pride, Bombardier and Timothy Taylor's Landlord when I visited.) and the food is very good as well.
Now closed and demolished.
Last visited June 2007.
Navigation Way
Wellington Food, including curries, is very popular in this traditionally decorated multi-roomed flat house, which has only a small serving area. Fine ales from Jennings.
Last visited July 2003.
Glovers Court
Wetherspoon's Grey Friar A large open modern 'spoons with some booth seating around the main area.
Last visited January 2022.
Ringway / Friargate
Wetherspoon's Twelve Tellers An enormous open echoy front room in what was, I presume, a bank, the bar counter is in a smaller room behind. This is under the Lloyds No1 brand, and was setting up for a noisy night when I visited on a Friday evening.
Last visited June 2016.
Church Street / Lancaster Road
Grants Hotel A pleasant plain pub with two or more large rooms, serving ale of variable quality and food from a limited menu.
Last visited April 2009.
Salters Wharf A rather pleasant plastic pub/restaurant in the Brewer's Fayre chain, serving nice food but no real ale. South Promenade
Wetherspoon's Trawl Boat Inn A large open busy Wetherspoon's.
August 2020.
Wood Street
(Parts of Southport not in Merseyside)
Dublin Packet  
Not visited.
58 North John Street
New Fleetwood  
Not visited.
Church Road / Hoole Lane, Banks

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