Phil's World Pub Guides - Lincolnshire, UK

Pub Comments Location
Wetherspoon's Blue Bell A large L-shaped open room with a long glazed frontage onto the street. Wetherspoon's usual good beer and food.
Last visited February 2011.
Oswald Road / High Street
Nags Head A plain but clean and tidy boozer on the main street. Sadly the hand pulled Batemans was very poor.
Last visited June 2006.
South Gate
Jolly Brewer Normally I would describe this as a great traditionally done pub, but after the Kings Head and the Tobie Norris it's a bit more "ordinary"! Although at least there's a mobile signal here!
Nevertheless, a wide choice of quality real ales is offered in a large comfortable pub knocked through around a J-shaped counter. I had Oakham JHB which was excellent, although thanks to bar blockers watching footie combined with misted up specs due to the frosty weather, I couldn't see all the other options!
Last visited January 2020.
West Street / Foundry Road
King's Head A wonderful gem, unexpectedly open and very busy when whatpub said it would be closed, early on a Sunday evening.
All the other customers seemed to know each other, ignoring the pub researcher typing away in the corner. (Until I got thanked for vacating my table.)
Antique decor, some rough stonework, wooden floor. Excellent ales served from five handpumps.
Last visited January 2020.
Maiden Lane
Tobie Norris Another historic-looking gem, multiple rooms with a higgledy-piggledy layout on two floors. Bare rough stone walls and quirky decor including about fifty chamber pots hanging from the ceiling in the quiet side area where I settled. Quality real ales are served.
Lots of customers early on a Sunday evening, the majority enjoying Sunday dinner.
Take care on the steep stairs if you use the gents after a few pints!
Last visited January 2020.
St Paul's Street
Wetherspoon's Stamford Post A rather odd, quirky 'spoons, the theme of the decor is goodness knows what but it's certainly comfortable and fun; I like it. Friendly staff and quality real ales.
Last visited January 2020.
Sheep Market / Castle Dyke

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