Phil's World Pub Guides - Greater London, UK

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The Approach Inn A rather nice traditional interior with dark wood panelling and a high ceiling. There is also a large ugly conservatory extension at the front. The Fullers range plus a guest are on hand pump. The food is reputed to be good. There's an art gallery upstairs!
Last visited March 2004.
Approach Road / Robinson Road
Camel An excellent ceramic exterior on this small street-corner pub. Inside it's a small traditionally decorated boozer which is perhaps a little dark inside in the evening (Or maybe I need some new glasses!). They serve excellent real ale from four pumps. The menu consists entirely of pies, and very good they are too.
Last visited March 2013.
Globe Road
Florist A small traditionally done out pub doing a roaring trade in pizzas when I visited on a Monday evening. Not many original features remain in the pleasant interior apart from some leaded glass panels above the doors. Two real ales from the Dark Star Brewery were on offer, and their Porter was superb as always.
Last visited March 2013.
Globe Road
Misty Moon A traditional local boozer with one large open room. Not aiming at the real ale market but nonetheless providing a fair pint of Pride from the only hand pump. They advertise English and Thai food but I didn't see anyone dining.
Last visited March 2013.
Bethnal Green Road / Cambridge Heath Road
The Pride of Spitalfields Five real ales are available in this plain traditional back-street boozer. Friendly staff, drinkers and pub cat.
Last visited June 2008.
Heneage Street / Brick Lane
Hare and Billet Ten handpumps grace the bar in this rather fine old pub concentrating on up-market food. It re-opened, refurbished, in 2016 which makes me suspect that a lot of the antique decor - bare wood floors and wooden wall panelling - might be fake, but it's very pleasant, anyway.
Last visited January 2017.
Hare and Billet Road
Royal Oak A rather fine Edwardian pub retaining many of its original features. (Although most of the exterior glass is modern.) Regulars walk through the servery to get to the gents, the rest of us have to take the long way round. Excellent Harvey's beers are served.
Last visited January 2017.
Tabard Street
Waterman's Arms A small friendly one bar local, serving Greene King ales and good food. The menu features English and Japanese dishes, and the unpronouncable dish I chose was very nice.
Last visited July 2007.
Ferry Lane
  A typical bar in the airport terminal style, with prices to match. Worthington Smoothflow on tap. Now closed as Eurostar have moved to St Pancras.
Last visited November 2002.
Waterloo International Station, after passport control
Argyll Arms A stunning Victorian gem dating mainly from 1895. Three small drinking areas lead off from the entrance corridor, and there's a larger room at the back. Superb cut glass mirrors and partitions, decorated iron columns and a splendid wrought iron balustrade all contribute to the decor. A selection of real ales are available and the menu looks good.
Last visited October 2008.
Argyll Street / Oxford Street
Beer House (Coopers) Formerly called Coopers, this pleasant basement bar on the station concourse serves a fine pint of a number of hand-pulled ales. Nice and peaceful at 10.30 in the morning; wedged and lively during a world cup footie match.
Last visited May 2013.
Waterloo Station
Betjemen Arms When I visited Saint Pancras Station just after its refurbishment was completed in late 2007 I complained that while it boasted the longest champagne bar in the world, there was no real ale. I am pleased to report that this omission has been rectified by the opening of the Betjemen Arms, a large pub with pleasantly understated modern decor including the inevitable bare pipes and ducts above, and a nice wooden floor. My pint of London Pride was served in a now uncommon "dimple", presumably as part of the "British Pub Experience". The menu looks good but it's certainly not cheap.
Last visited May 2011.
St. Pancras International Station
Black Friar This small busy pub was remodelled in 1905 in Arts and Crafts style. The amazing interior features sculptures, metal reliefs and mosaics, many depicting the eponymous friars going about their various duties. Decent real ale and the menu looks good.
Last visited August 2014.
Queen Victoria Street, by north entrance to Blackfriars Station
Bree Louise What a find! One fairly plain but well cared for open room in this corner house in a back street close to Euston station. Half a dozen real ales on hand pump and more served by gravity, and they always seem to include some unusual brewery I've never tried before. The Acrow prop holding up the ceiling was a bit worrying but it's now gone. The food is good, I had a very nice pie. There's money off each pint (and pie) for CAMRA members, so make sure you take your card. Only one negative thing to say about this place - it's deservedly popular and you may have difficulty finding a seat, although on one recent visit, on a Saturday afternoon, I was very surprised to find a number of empty tables.
Sadly, this pub closed 20 November 2017 for demolition as part of the High Speed 2 railway line project.
Last visited August 2017.
Coburg Street
Britannia With the attractions of the Bree Louise and the Doric Arch nearby, I have tended to neglect the pub that is actually in Euston station. The usual fake trad. decor in this large station pub on a balcony overlooking the concourse. Decent real ale is served. Now closed/redeveloped.
Last visited June 2013.
Euston Station
Calthorpe Arms A pleasant traditional one roomed street corner local serving real ales from the Wells and Young's range. There's another bar and a dining area upstairs as well. Very quiet at lunch time mid-week.
Last visited December 2008.
Greys Inn Road / Wren Street
Cittie of York Wonderful! A completely fake, as it was rebuilt in the 1920s, attempt at Ye Olde England, with a high-ceilinged hall as the main room, decorated with giant vats, wood panelling, stained glass and wrought iron partitions which divide off a number of dinky four-seat booths. There's also a front dining room and a cellar bar which are not open at quiet times. Amazingly, the Sam Smiths Old Brewery Bitter was only £1.86!
Last visited October 2008.
High Holborn
Counting House This member of the Fuller's Ale and Pie chain serves the full Fullers range on hand pump in an extremely impressive interior with mosaic floor, marble and dark wood panelled walls, plasterwork ceiling and a large domed lantern. There's also a fine mural on the wall at the front.
Last visited January 2008.
Devereux Five real ales are available in one large l-shaped room which has some nice booths with glass partitions. There's also a dining room upstairs, I think.
Last visited January 2008.
Devereux Court, off Fleet Street
Doric Arch Formerly the Head of Steam, and the excellent cask ale continues now it's a Fuller's house. About ten handpumps serve an impressive range of real ales in this splendid pub hidden in the first floor of an office block by Euston Station. The decor includes lots of railway signs of course. You need a magic code to get in the gents.
Last visited December 2021.
1 Eversholt Street
Duke Of York A plain busy station bar serving a fine pint of London Pride. Noted boarded up for redevelopment work in September 2009.
Last visited November 2007.
Platform 8, King's Cross Station
Edgar Wallace About eight real ales on sale in this very pleasant two-storey pub, decorated with dark wood panelling. Don't panic when you go in and see only lager, the hand pumps are just behind the pillar! The food looks good.
Last visited June 2008.
Essex Street off The Strand
Euston Flyer This Fuller's house has rather good traditional decor, perhaps a little plastic. A full range of Fuller's ales is available on hand pump, along with draught Hoegaarden. The food is pretty good, I had Bangers and Mash. The time bell, located in the middle of the pub and worked from behind the bar by a rope and pulley system, seems to have been removed since my original visit in 2002.
Last visited May 2016.
83 Euston Road, opposite the new British Library
Euston Tap A new member of the cluster of real ale pubs round Euston station, this minute bar is squeezed into one of the two 1870s "lodges" located at the front of the station. A vast selection of craft beers is offered on draft and in bottles. The cask ales are served from eight electric or gas pump taps, a very unusual method of dispense outside Scotland, but are none the worse for that. Well worth a visit, but I don't think I'd bother at peak times, you won't get in the door.
Last visited May 2011.
Euston Road
Exmouth Arms A worthy successor to the Bree Louise as a real ale destination near Euston station, albeit lacking the sticky carpet and with a rather smaller selection of quality real ales. Menu looks good.
Last visited October 2019.
Starcross Street / Coburg Street
Exmouth Arms A beautiful ceramic exterior but a disappointingly modern refurbishment inside. Pleasant nonetheless, and serving quality ales.
Last visited April 2022.
Spafield Street / Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell
Founder's Arms A very busy modern plastic pub/restaurant serving Young's beers on hand pump. The patio overlooks the Thames. The food looks good.
Last visited June 2002.
South Bank, by the Tate Modern
George Inn This wonderful bit of pub history is the remaining part of a great coaching inn of the seventeenth century. It was built after a fire in 1676, but part was demolished in 1890. What remains includes a three storey gallery with balconies overlooking the yard. Now owned by the National Trust, it serves real ale from Greene King.
Last visited October 2009.
Borough High Street
Harp A beautiful tiny traditional boozer serving excellent real ale. Highly recommended..
Last visited April 2022.
Chandos Place / William IV Street, Covent Garden
Horse and Bower A pleasantly decorated one room corner house, very quiet on a Tuesday afternoon. Real ales from Shepherd Neame were spot on.
Last visited September 2009.
Horseferry Road / Monck Street
Lucas Arms A pleasant plain 'ordinary' boozer consisting of an l-shaped main room with counter plus a large side room and a covered patio. Decent real ale is served. Busy but not as packed as I expected at 8pm on St Patrick's day.
Last visited March 2017.
Gray's Inn Road / Cromer Street
Mabel's Tavern This pleasant friendly local is a Shepherd Neame house and serves all of their brews. Conveniently located just across Euston Road from St Pancras station.
Last visited September 2007.
Mabeldon Road
Mad Bishop and Bear A rather fine Fuller's house located upstairs in Paddington Station. A full range of their own brews plus guests are served in this nicely decorated pub which features ceiling plasterwork, some wood panelling, cut glass mirrors and a tiled and wood floor. I think it's all fake, but very good nonetheless.
Last visited July 2010.
Paddington Station
Marquis of Granby Splendid traditional decor with dark wood panelling in this small pub which was serving seven real ales when I visited. The menu looks nice, and there's a restaurant area upstairs.
Last visited September 2009.
Dean Bradley Street, Westminster
Old Coffee House A pleasant traditional boozer belonging to Brodie's and serving the full range of their excellent cask and keg beers. Not as packed with tourists as I expected on a Sunday afternoon.
Last visited March 2017.
Beak Street / Marshall Street, W1
Old Doctor Butler's Head Mason's Avenue is not a street but a narrow alleyway. If you manage to find it you'll be rewarded by discovering a rather excellent historic pub serving spot on real ale from Shepherd Neame.
Last visited June 2013.
Mason's Avenue, EC2
Parcel Yard Opened in 2012 in the former parcels offices of King's Cross Station, this Fuller's pub is wonderful hotch-potch of differently shaped rooms, mostly wood-floored, which have been very carefully inserted into this historic building. The food looks good but, as you might expect, it's not cheap. The real ales from Fuller's range are spot on, needless to say.
One of only two Grade I listed pubs in London, the other being the George Inn (See above).
Last visited November 2019.
King's Cross Station.
Princess Louise Wow! Cut glass and carved wood partitions, cut, engraved and gilded mirrors and some fine ceramics make for a stunning interior which dates from a remodelling in 1891. The island bar back is surmounted by a short decorated clock tower. Part of the counter is surrounded by small ornate booths for private drinking. The marble urinals in the gents are worth a look as well. The real ale is a remarkably cheap pint of Sam Smith's.
Princess Louise was Queen Victoria's fourth daughter.
Last visited October 2009.
208 High Holborn.
Punch and Judy A cellar bar concentrating on food for the tourists, located in the Covent Garden market building. Decent quality real ales from the Greene King stable, and the food, from a menu of basic pub standards, is good as well. Interior is bare rough brick walls, nicely done and probably genuine. They were doing a roaring trade on a Friday afternoon, with very efficient service from the waiting, kitchen, and bar staff. Still there were people unable to find a table.
Last visited January 2017.
Covent Garden
Railway Tavern Nice traditional decor and excellent ale in this popular pub conveniently located by the main entrance to Liverpool Street Station.
Last visited April 2006.
Liverpool Street, directly opposite the station.
Red Lion A tiny achitectural gem, this one. The beautiful two-room interior has cut glass mirrors, a stained glass partition, and some dark woodwork. Five excellent real ales on pump, and the food looks good.
Last visited November 2007.
Duke of York Street, Piccadilly
Salisbury A stunning interior surrounded by cut and etched windows and mirrors on all sides. One or two small separate drinking areas remain, presumably there would have been many more of these when the pub was fitted out in about 1900. Happily, a restoration in 1999 consisted mainly of a deep clean and reupholstering the seats. A selection of real ales is available, not cheap.
Last visited October 2009.
St Martin's Lane
Scottish Stores (Flying Scotsman) A tiny two-roomed pub with beautiful wood panelling etc. If you can't find a seat, take your drink through the narrow doorway to the Wine Stores next door, where the decor is more contemporary, and there are comfortable sofas and armchairs. (Not sure if you're supposed to do this, but no-one complained.) Sadly, I have to make this year's award for the shortest pint, mine was well over 10% short, and served in a Stowford Press glass as well. To be fair, the other 85% was excellent ale.
Prior to 2015 this was the Flying Scotsman which was, I'm told, famous for its "exotic dancers"! (Scottish stores was the original name from before that era.)
Last visited January 2017.
Caledonian Road, near King's Cross
Signal Box An enormous open pleasant Fullers establishment, upstairs overlooking the main concourse. Unsurprisingly expensive, but the menu does look good. Waitress service in some parts.
Last visited December 2021.
Upstairs food court, Euston Station
Somers Town Coffee House A rather fine 20s (?) pub, built on the site of a much older coffee house. Partly knocked through inside (Or is it late enough to have been built like this?) but retaining plenty of original features, I think. Eight handpumps but only one real ale when I visited, but that was in good nick.
Last visited May 2021.
Chalton Street
Southerner This New Zealand bar serves the full range of Speights Brewery beers in one rather ordinary basement room. It didn't seem particularly New Zealand-like to me when I visited on a quiet Monday lunchtime.
Last visited June 2008.
Essex Street / The Strand
Victoria A pleasant Greene King chain pub under the "Time Well Spent" brand with a well done traditional-style interior. Real ales in good nick, and so they should be at these prices! 4.70 for a GK seasonal.
Last visited April 2018.
Victoria and Albert A pleasant station bar serving spot on real ale.
Last visited April 2013.
Marylebone Station
Waterloo Tap A tiny place under the railway arches which has twenty-six taps behind the bar, six of which are labelled Cask. I wonder what the pumping arrangement is? My Oatmeal Stout from Thornbridge was very nice, anyway. Plenty of breweryania decorates the brick arch.
Last visited April 2022.
Sutton Walk, Waterloo
Wetherspoon's Angel A smaller than average size Wetherspoon's which looks like it is a shop conversion.
Last visited March 2017.
Islington High Street / Pentonville Road
Wetherspoon's Barrel Vault A medium-sized open 'spoons located on the east side of the station at ground level. Modern contemporary styling with naked air conditioning ducts etc.
Last visited March 2019.
St Pancras Station
Wetherspoon's Hamilton Hall A spectacular interior in this two storey Wetherspoon's.
Last visited April 2013.
Liverpool Street Station
Wetherspoon's John Hawkshaw A small modern-styled branch on Cannon Street station. Unusually, it has no toilets, you use the station ones.
Last visited April 2022.
Cannon Street Station, City of London
Wetherspoon's Shakespeare's Head A pleasant Wetherspoons in one long room. Impressive exterior.
Last visited April 2022.
Kingsway / Twyford Place, Holborn
Wetherspoon's Sir John Oldcastle Good wood panelling in this large l-shaped member of the chain.
Last visited April 2022.
Farringdon Road / Greville Street, Farringdon
Wetherspoon's Willow Walk A pleasant smaller than average Wetherspoon's adjacent to Victoria station and probably less busy than the one inside the station.
Last visited August 2017.
Just outside Victoria station.
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Hidden down an alley off Fleet Street is this antique pub, parts of which date from 1667. A number of rooms, including a 1990s extension. Some of the panelling in the older parts might be original. Sam Smiths Old Brewery Bitter was only £1.86 when I visited. Mind your head going to the gents!
Last visited October 2008.
Fleet Street
Ye Olde Mitre Hidden down an alley off Hatton Garden is another antique gem, a tiny pub serving excellent ales.
Last visited April 2022.
Hatton Garden / Ely Courts
Old Fox and Hounds Rather nice antique decor with wooden walls and floor. Hand pulled ales included Greene King Abbot and IPA, and Old Speckled Hen when I visited. Pool tables upstairs.
Last visited June 2002.
1 London Road, opposite West Croydon station.
Rising Sun A very pleasant local pub, very quiet at 12 on a Saturday. A small range of excellent ales is served.
Last visited August 2016.
Chichester Road / Winchester Road
Little Green Dragon The cask ales are served by gravity in this excellent friendly micro-pub.
Last visited December 2021.
Green Lanes / Green Dragon Lane
Wheatsheaf Great ales in a nicely preserved two sided pub..
Last visited December 2021.
Windmill Hill / Robinson Close
Wetherspoon's Gate Clock A modern open Wetherspoon's, surprisingly serving ale in plastic glasses at 9am on a Saturday.
Last visited January 2017.
Creek Road / Welland Street
Chesham Arms A nice traditional local serving two real ales. The Sunday lunch looks good.
Last visited June 2008.
Isabella Road / Mehetabel Road
Dove A nicely done out pub / restaurant very busy on a Saturday night. Quality real ales and a good selection of Belgian bottles.
Last visited December 2008.
Broadway Market / Ada Street
The Globe in Morning Lane One long narrow room, filled with older people enjoying the rather good jazz band when I visited on a Sunday afternoon. A couple of real ales available, I had a fine pint of Youngs.
Last visited June 2008.
Morning Lane
Pembury Tavern Hidden behind a rather unassuming exterior is this wonderful purveyor of real ale and good food. The beer festivals are well worth a visit (or two), and it's a great destination at other times as well.
Last visited May 2011.
Amhurst Road / Dalston Lane
Old Ship I'm told this used to be a rather scruffy pub, but it's now been very nicely refurbished with very up-market decor. Three real ales were on when I visited, and the food looked very good. Check out the TV in a mirror!
Last visited June 2008.
Sylvester Path
Railway Four real ales and an impresive array of imported draft beers including Hoegaarden Grand Cru in this pleasant traditionally decorated pub, knocked through into one large open room. The menu, rather up-market, looks good. Sit on a bed if you like!
Last visited January 2008.
West End Lane, by West Hampstead tube.
Salisbury Wow! This stunning pub dating from 1898 well merits its Grade II* listing. Three separate drinking areas feature mosaic floors, etched glass in the partitions, there's some stained glass windows including in a skylight in the former billiard room. Rather than waffle on further about the qualities of the interior I'll simply advise you to visit this pub as soon as possible. Open evenings only during the week, from 12:00 at weekends.
Last visited August 2014.
Green Lanes
Castle A rather impressive early 1900s interior which, I'm told, is mostly genuine and untouched. There is one bar counter in a large room which is divided by a wood and leaded glass screen, plus three more side rooms. Fine real ale, and the food looks good.
Last visited June 2008.
West Street, Harrow-on-the-Hill
O'Neills A standard plastic Paddy airport bar. The food looks good.
Last visited December 2007.
Terminal 3, Airside
Shakespear Ale House The fake antique decor is very well done in this member of a chain of airport pubs. They serve an excellent pint of hand-pulled Bass.
Last visited December 2001.
Terminal 3, Airside
Greyhound Real ale from Youngs in this nicely decorated multi-roomed pub. Quiet on a Monday afternoon.
Last visited June 2008.
Church End
Flask An excellent ancient-looking multi-room multi-level interior with dark wood panelling and floor boards. Plenty more space on the terrace out front. Food looks good and the ale is excellent. Very busy with diners late Sunday afternoon.
Last visited June 2008.
West Hill
Wetherspoon's Gatehouse Usual Wetherspoon's fare in this large pub with antique-style decor including booths with wood and glass partitions. How much is genuine? None, I suspect, but it looks very nice.
Ceased to be a Wetherspoon's in 2015.
Last visited June 2008.
North Road
Junction Tavern Four real ales on tap in this splendid two sided pub with dark wood panelling and plasterwork ceiling. There's also a large conservatory and beer garden, both full of diners when I visited on a Sunday afternoon. CAMRA North London Branch's Pub Of The Year 2008.
Last visited June 2008.
Fortress Road
Windermere A fantastic 1930s building for Courage, with a well preserved interior which features art deco style wood panelling. Still a local's pub, the three regulars sitting at the bar all looked round when I came in. Just a couple of quality ales on handpump.
Last visited January 2017.
Windermere Avenue
King William IV The brewery tap for Brodie's Beers (The brewery is next door) has umpteen of their own brews on tap as well as some guests, and all at 1.99 a pint. It has a traditional multi-room interior. The food looks good.
Last visited May 2011.
High Road / William Street
Wetherspoon's Drum An unusual Wetherspoon's in that it was converted from a traditional pub and it still looks like a traditional pub. None the worse for that, and the beer is excellent.
Last visited May 2011.
Lea Bridge Road / High Road
Warrington Hotel Wow - Stunning inside and out. The ceramics outside are wonderful. Inside are mirrors, wood panelling, leaded and cut glasswork are all original (1890s?) and well preserved. Note, however, that the slightly saucy paintings on the bar canopy and the wood panels are dated 1965. The menu looks good and the real ale is spot on, but it's worth nipping in just for a look round!
Last visited January 2017.
Warrington Crescent / Sutherland Avenue
Wetherspoon's Half Moon A smaller than average member of the Wetherspoon's chain, with traditional pub decor.
Last visited August 2016.
Mile End Road / White Horse Lane
White Hart Brew Pub A large lively pub serving their own brews.
Last visited August 2016.
Mile End Road / Cambridge Heath Road
Wetherspoon's Railway Bell A medium sized 'spoons, in a former pub extended with a large pleasant conservatory at the rear. Packed on a Tuesday evening.
Last visited August 2017.
East Barnet Road / Albert Road
Amersham Arms A plain but nicely decorated pub with old wooden tables and floor, looking perhaps a little tatty in places. Two handpumps, I had a rather mediocre pint on my visit. Menu looks good and good value.
Last visited July 2010.
New Cross Road / Amersham Road. Opposite New Cross station.
Hobgoblin A rather scruffy pub with a large knocked through main room surrounding the counter, plus a smokers' patio. I had an excellent pint of Wychwood Hobgoblin when I visited on a very quiet Monday lunchtime. Two other real ales were also on offer.
Last visited November 2007.
New Cross Road / St James's. Opposite New Cross Gate station.
Golden Lion A very nice antique-looking town centre pub very busy on a Friday evening. A good choice of real ales is on offer.
Last visited April 2006
High Street / South Street
Wetherspoon's Moon and Stars This standard Wetherspoon's has some nice booths along one wall with leaded glass screens. There's a Lloyds No. 1 two doors down if you prefer.
Last visited May 2011
South Street
Mayflower A splendid tiny pub with an historic-looking interior (Is it fake?). There's a restaurant upstairs and a terrace overlooking the Thames. I had a fine pint of Greene King Abbot.
Last visited May 2011.
Rotherhithe Street
Wetherspoon's Surrey Docks A standard Wetherspoon's serving decent real ale.
Last visited August 2017.
Lower Road / Redriff Road
Wetherspoon's New Crown A standard shop conversion doing a roaring trade on a Wednesday afternoon. Excellent real ales.
Last visited August 2017.
Falcon Good grief! There's about twenty hand pumps on the long bar which runs all the way round the inside of this large square pub. The excellent interior features some fine carved wood and cut glass partitions, not to mention the brass chandeliers. The menu looks good. I only had time to try one of the ales on offer - It was spot on.
Last visited November 2014.
Fox and Hounds Three or four real ales are available in this rather fine traditionally decorated pub. The menu looks good, and is a cut above standard pub fare. Cheerful staff and a friendly atmosphere make for a pleasant experience.
Last visited November 2014.
Latchmere Road / Amies Street
Prospect of Whitby This pub claims to be oldest riverside pub in London, dating from 1520. Inside is a large stone-floored main bar with antique decor, the rear windows offering a view across the Thames of a rolling bascule bridge on the other shore. There are other rooms behind and upstairs, plus a terrace overlooking the river. Five or more real ales are available - I had a fine pint of London Pride.
Last visited November 2007.
Wapping High Street / Garnet Street
Liquor Station Rather odd ugly decor in this large open one-room boozer surprisingly empty at 8 on a Friday but presumably hoping to be rammed later.
Last visited January 2017.
Wembley High Road
Wetherspoon's J. J. Moon's A large, pleasant 'spoons with the usual fine real ale. They had the footie on umpteen screens on a Saturday evening - I wish they wouldn't do that, but the place was packed which probably explains it.
Last visited January 2017.
Wembley High Road
Brown Bear A rather good knocked through traditional boozer with a fine cut glass and carved wood gantry above the bar. The real ale is spot on.
Last visited June 2013.
Leman Street
Wetherspoon's Goodman's Fields At the smaller end of Wetherspoon's size range, this pleasant member of the chain is popular with tourists staying in the nearby hotels.
Last visited June 2013.
Prescot Street / Mansell Street
Phoenix A small corner of the historic Alexandra Palace, pleasantly converted into an up-market food-oriented pub. There are two handpumps and the house ale, a very malty brew, is rather fine, as it should be at 4.70 a pint! The menu looks good but expensive.
Last visited August 2017.
Alexandra Palace

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