Phil's World Pub Guides - Greater Manchester, UK

Pub Comments Location
Costello's Effectively the Dunham Massey Brewery tap, they have the complete range of brews on sale, I had their excellent Milk Stout. One pleasant open room with modern decor.
Last visited February 2017.
Goose Green
Orange Tree This pleasant pub has a nice traditional multi-roomed interior, and serves excellent real ale.
Last visited April 2006.
Old Market Place
Pi Three real ales I've never heard of in this popular microbar. A plain converted shop with a tiny counter in one corner, plus a small back room.
Last visited February 2017.
Wetherspoon's Unicorn A pleasant smaller than average 'spoons with modern decor.
Last visited February 2017.
Prince of Orange A large building containing a number of rooms, some of which were closed, for redecoration I think, when I visited. The interior, somewhat gloomy on a very dull October day, is well cared for with some nice wood panelling. A fine pint of Robinson's Unicorn.
Last visited October 2013.
Rivington Inside this brewer's tudor building is a very well appointed up market pub/restaurant, with pleasant understated traditional decor with dark wood panelling and leaded glass partitions, probably all modern. It is conveniently located next to the railway station (And therefore some distance from Blackrod itself.) They concentrate mainly on food but there is a pleasant lounge and a couple of decent real ales - My pint of Landlord was absolutely spot on.
Last visited April 2014.
By Blackrod station
Alma A bit scruffy and gloomy inside, and definitely a local pub for local people. Still, the real ale was spot on and the seat was comfortable; what else do you need?
Last visited December 2015.
Wetherspoon's Spinning Mule A nicely decorated Wetherspoon's of medium size with a large range of real ales including a number of local ones.
Last visited July 2011.
Stamford Arms A nicely done out large low-ceilinged pub serving Boddingtons Bitter on hand pump.
Last visited December 2002.
Church Brow
Clarence An excellent real ale and dining place on three floors, providing quality real ales including some form local brewers, and great food.
Last visited March 2019.
Silver Street / Bolton Street
Trackside An excellent bar located on platform two at the East Lancashire Railway station. Eight real ales were on hand pump when I visited. The food looks good.
Last visited November 2009.
Art Picturehouse This well-preserved 1920s cinema has an impressive exterior and a stunning interior. It's worth a visit just for a look, never mind the usual 'spoons good food and drink.
Last visited April 2016.
Haymarket Street
Wetherspoon's Robert Peel A large open light Wetherspoon's, very popular on a Thursday afternoon.
Last visited April 2016.
Market Place
Oddfellows Arms A plain friendly two-bar local boozer, serving only plastic ale.
Last visited March 2007.
Downall Green Road / Medway Close
Horse and Jockey A presumably genuine old building with a large interior with two bars, rather dark on a sunny day, plus a terrace at the front. Excellent real ales including some from the on-site Bootleg Brewery, their stout is superb. Good food in the bar, and there's a restaurant as well.
Last visited July 2011.
Chorlton Green
Wetherspoon's Sedge Lynn A magnificent building, originally a billiards hall built in 1907 and retaining many original features inside and out.
Last visited April 2016.
Manchester Road / Nicolas Road
Wetherspoon's Milson Rhodes A smaller than average 'spoons in a new building, with pleasant traditional decor. Busy when I visited.
Last visited April 2016.
School Lane
King's Head Unusual nowadays to find a pub with three separate rooms each with a serving counter. The bar is quite plain and well looked after, and I sat in the small and comfortable middle room. Decent real ale from Holt's.
Last visited February 2013.
Wetherspoon's Gateway An impressive old road house well kept by Wetherspoon's. When I visited the fryers were out of action, with an emergency (extra-healthy!) menu on offer.
Last visited April 2016.
Wilmslow Road / Kingsway
Wetherspoon's Eccles Cross This impressive old building, a former cinema?, has a very good interior which includes some unusual sunken booths.
Last visited August 2020.
Lamb Hotel What a gem! Superb ceramics, woodwork and cut glass throughout this historic pub dating from 1906. It has a Liverpool style layout with a small public bar in the corner, while the other rooms are served via hatches in the bar back in a drinking corridor.
Last visited December 2016.
Friendship Inn A large old house nicely converted into a tastefully decorated multi-roomed pub. Excellent pints of Hydes beers are served, and the Chinese and English food looks good.
Last visited September 2008.
Wilmslow Road / Egerton Road
Wetherspoon's Great Central A large open Wetherspoon's serving the expected quality ales.
Last visited October 2015.
Wilmslow Road / Sherwood Street
Black Horse This pleasant food-oriented pub offers a small selection of well-kept real ales. The menu of standard pub fare looks good, and the specials are more up market.
Last visited March 2015.
Higher Market Street / High Stile Street
Horse and Farrier The full range of Hydes brews is available in this rather excellent pub with an interior of small traditionally styled rooms partially knocked through but retaining their separation.
Last visited November 2014.
Gatley Road / Old Hall Road
Railway Multiple rooms surround the island bar where they serve a good range of excellent real ales. The interior decor is fake beams and half timbering. Conveniently adjacent to the station.
Last visited December 2011.
Shaw Hall bank Road
Grapes A proper traditional two sided local pub serving a spot on pint of Robinson's Unicorn. On a Wednesday afternoon I sat alone in the comfortable lounge side, while a few regulars - The barmaid knew them all - used the bar.
Last visited November 2011.
London Road / Hatherlow Lane
Queens Pleasant modern pub decor in this pub with a large open main room plus a plainer snug at one side. Surprisingly busy on a Monday lunchtime. Holt's Bitter and Mild on handpump.
Last visited November 2011.
Wetherspoon's Cotton Bale A smaller than average Wetherspoon's, nicely done out.
Last visited November 2011.
1923 Just one real ale on offer in this rather excellent pub/cafe in the former station building. Check out the railway compartment seating.
Last visited December 2015.
Irlam Station
Angel (Beer House) Under New Management said the sign on the Beer House, causing a moment of panic, but I needn't have worried as this small backstreet pub continued to provide a wide selection of cask conditioned ales in perfect condition. Ten different ones were on when I visited, as well as Hoegaarden Wit and other imports. Food - chilli, sausage egg & chips etc - is lunchtimes only I think. On my most recent visit the range of real ales seemed to be slightly less, but with five or six to choose from who's complaining.
After a period of closure this has now re-opened as The Angel and continues to provide excellent real ales (About ten handpumps I think.) and fine food.
Last visited December 2018.
Angel Street
Beatnikz Excellent cask ales from their nearby brewery in a minimalist echoey room.
Last visited April 2022.
Dale Street / Tariff Street
Beer House A fine refurbishment of the splendid refreshment rooms at Victoria Station. Quality real ales are sold, including a house beer, but watch out for the prices! Very quiet at midday on a Tuesday, with more staff (2) than customers (me) at one point; much busier on a Saturday afternoon.
Last visited September 2019.
Victoria Station
Brewdog Modern decor in this member of the small chain of bars belonging to Scottish brewery Brewdog. Remarkable beers, including one at 32% abv when I visited.
Last visited July 2012.
Peter Street
Bridge A busy lively boozer with a very noisy karaoke on a Saturday night. A couple of hand pumps provide decent real ale. The food served to private functions upstairs is highly recommended.
Last visited March 2018.
Bridge Street
Britons Protection A rather great historic interior in this pub serving great ales.
Last visited February 2018.
Bull's Head A regular haunt in my student days long ago, this Burtonwood pub then had two small bars plus a side room. More recently it has been knocked through and there is just one room with spoof antique decor. One thing hasn't changed, though - they serve an excellent pint from a good range of real ales, although it no longer belongs to Burtonwood.
Last visited March 2018.
London Road / Fairfield Street
Cafe Beermoth A large contemporarily styled craft place which has eight handpumps. The ale I tried was excellent.
Last visited October 2022.
Brown Street
Cask A plain blue exterior, and inside a small pleasant friendly pub plainly decorated, with a small drinking area at the bar, plus more seating to the rear. Four real ales on tap, the one I tried was excellent, plus a wide range of imported beers on draught and in bottle.
Last visited March 2012.
Liverpool Road
Castle This well preserved antique city centre boozer has a small busy front bar plus a couple of more peaceful back rooms, one of which contains a piano. A range of Robinson's brews and guests on hand pump. The ceramic frontage is superb.
Last visited March 2015.
66 Oldham Street
City Arms A pleasant very busy two room boozer serving excellent real ale including Titanic Plum Porter.
Last visited February 2018.
Crown & Anchor A rather fine multi-room traditional pub serving Holt's ales.
Last visited December 2022.
Cateaton Street, by the Cathedral.
Crown and Kettle A rather odd interior with a spectacular, if tatty, plasterwork ceiling which looks like it's in imminent danger of collapse. There's probably a wide range of real ales, I think, but the first one I spotted was my favourite Titanic Plum Porter, so I didn't really look any further along the bar.
Last visited March 2015.
Oldham Road / Great Ancoats Street
Dutton Hotel An excellent and reasonably priced pint of Holt's Bitter in this plain traditional boozer with three small half-timbered rooms. One of those places where the music might stop when a stranger walks in, but the regulars seemed friendly to me.
Last visited April 2009.
Park Street / Dutton Street
English Lounge A number of real ales on tap in this large comfortable pub. Good food.
Last visited March 2020.
High Street
Grey Horse This tiny Hydes house is reputedly one of the smallest pubs in the city. Quality real ales but no chance of a seat!
Last visited October 2022.
Portland Street / Abingdon Street
Hare & Hounds A well preserved pub with a main bar in the centre and two side rooms served from hatches. Beautiful tilework on the walls and leaded glass in the doors and above the bar. Tetley and Holts bitters on hand pump. Beware the very noisy karaoke on a Friday night.
Last visited December 2007.
Shudehill / Thomas Street
Knott Bar Outside, a modern glass-walled bar on a street corner across Deansgate from the station entrance. Inside, modern appearance at the front, and ancient railway arch as the ceiling to the rear, together forming a pleasant space. But never mind the architecture, we're here for the beer and food, and they've got an excellent selection of real and craft ales and some very good grub. Oh, and friendly cheerful staff and a good atmosphere. Highly recommended.
Last visited December 2019.
Deansgate / Castle Street
Lass O Gowrie A nice range of guest ales in this traditionally styled wood floor and bare brick pub. Good food.
Last visited December 2011.
Charles Street / Donald Street
Lower Turk's Head For many years I've walked down Shudhill and admired the wonderful ceramic frontage and muttered that someone ought to re-open this pub, so you can imagine my pleasure when I discovered someone has. The interior is rather fine, with wood panelling - All totally fake I suspect. A decent selection of real ales is on offer and the menu looks good.
Last visited November 2013.
Shudehill / Thomas Street
Marble Arch One open high room with a small bar counter in the corner. The entire room - floor, walls and ceiling - is clad in various forms of ceramic. A wide choice of real ales from their own brewery and elsewhere, and the food is good.
Last visited December 2015.
Rochdale Road / Gould Street
Microbar Well I never! A tiny unit in the corner of the Arndale Market has a splendid range of bottled and cask beers for sale. What a brilliant idea. I had a pint of the excellent Boggart Brewery's Rum Porter. Opening times are constrained by the shopping centre, they close at 19.00.
Last visited November 2013.
Arndale Market
Mitre Hotel Not a pub, but this hotel has three bars, two of which serve decent real ale. The choice was Landlord or Jennings' Cumberland when I visited. Watch the measures!
Last visited April 2012.
Cathedral Gates
Old Monkey A plain pleasant Holt's house on two floors serving excellent ale.
Last visited December 2021.
Portland Street
Old Wellington This splendid half-timbered building was moved in the late 1990s to make way for extensions to the Arndale Centre, so whether it counts as historic I'm not sure. Anyway, excellent ales from eight hand-pumps and fine food are served and there's seating in the main bar inside, in the restaurant upstairs and on the terrace outside.
Last visited December 2010.
by the Cathedral
Ox A small selection of good real ales on sale in this "award winning gastro-pub". The pleasant interior is partially knocked through but retains separate areas.
Last visited December 2011.
Liverpool Road
Peveril Of The Peak A magnificent ceramic exterior and a wonderful historic interior with more superb ceramics including plenty of Wilson's chequerboard patterns. And they serve excellent real ale as well. Titanic Plum Porter is a regular, and it comes in a Titanic glass.
Last visited August 2019.
Piccadilly Tap An excellent range of real ales and draft beers is served in this new (May 2015) bar conveniently located on the station approach. Very noisy when busy, so not the ideal location for a quiet pint and a chat, but if you want a quick quality beer between trains this place is ideal. If you do want some conversation, it's usually quieter upstairs.
Last visited July 2022.
Piccadilly Station Approach
Port Street Beer House A compact plain pub serving a great range of quality ales, cask and craft.
Last visited April 2022.
Port Street / Faraday Street
Rising Sun A pleasant comfortable boozer serving decent real ale.
Last visited February 2018.
Salisbury The plastic antique interior is fairly well done but a little grubby. A standard range of real ales including Directors, Old Peculier and Theakston's Best, in mediocre condition.
Last visited July 2002.
Leigh Street
Samuel Platt's A modern plastic construction overlooking the ship canal. The hand pump was serving pure vinegar when I visited. Good down-market food.
Last visited September 2002.
Wharf Road / Water's Reach
Sawyers Arms A few standard real ales in good nick in this rather fine Edwardian pub which clams to be the longest serving public house in Manchester. Packed as you might expect early Saturday evening.
Last visited March 2017.
Deansgate / Bridge Street
Temple A converted Victorian underground public toilet, a tiny bar that apparently manages to put on live music in the small room.
Last visited March 2020.
Oxford Street / Great Bridgewater Street
Waldorf Hotel A rather nice, but perhaps a little worn in places, pub hidden in a back street, with a small selection of excellent ales. Function room upstairs (Where they do a fine dinner). The range of real ales seems to have reduced recently.
Last visited July 2011.
Gore Street
Wetherspoons A standard 'Spoons packed with down-market clients.
Piccadilly Gardens
Wetherspoon's Moon Under Water A standard 'Spoons with quality ales and cheap food.
Last visited July 2014.
Wetherspoon's Paramount One large noisy busy triangular room plus a balcony.
Last visited October 2019.
Oxford Street
Wetherspoon's Seven Stars An average-sized Wetherspoon's of the Lloyds No. 1 variety, located in the Printworks complex.
Last visited January 2014.
Wetherspoon's Waterhouse This branch has lots of small rooms inside, in fact it's a bit difficult to locate the bar when you first arrive. Persevere and you'll find Wetherspoon's usual quality ale.
Last visited December 2021.
St Peter's Square
White Lion Traditional decor including some good unglazed encaustic tiles on the floor in this friendly traditional pub. The food looks good and includes Caribbean dishes as well as the usual pub fare.
Last visited December 2015.
Liverpool Road
08 Bar A large flashy plastic airport bar, with no draught beers available on a Saturday afternoon.
Last visited December 2007.
Terminal 3, air side.
Bar MCR Expensive plastic beer in a stylish plastic airport bar.
Last visited October 2009.
Terminal 1, air side.
Bar des Voyages Keg Worthington in a large spacious plastic airport bar.
Last visited July 2005.
Terminal 1, air side.
Donkey Stone Rather nice (fake) traditional pub decor, and your last chance for a decent pint before flying out, with hand-pulled Boddies, Bass and a guest. One would have thought that at these prices they could afford to replace the rather tatty carpet. Very disappointed to discover this has been refurbished out of existence in the 2008/9 changes to the terminal - there's now nothing land-side, and no real ale anywhere as far as I could find.
Last visited December 2005.
Terminal 1, land side.
Voyager A small bar counter hidden in a corner.
Last visited December 2007.
Terminal 3, air side.
Railway A very pleasant two-roomed pub, ticking over with friendly locals on a Monday afternoon, but suddenly empty at 3 o'clock. I enjoyed a fine pint of Robinson's Unicorn.
Last visited November 2011.
Britannia Inn A quiet pleasant friendly local pub, partly knocked through but retaining separate areas. Quality real ales.
Last visited October 2015.
Manchester Road / Queen Street 
Commercial A plain comfortable two-sided local pub with cheerful regulars. On my visit the real ale was of mediocre quality.
Last visited October 2015.
Manchester Road / Mill Street
Wetherspoon's Bishop Blaize Smaller than the average 'spoons, I think.
Last visited August 2020.
Chester Road
Ashton Arms This excellent real ale bar provides a wide selection of quality ales in comfortable surroundings. The food looks good as well. I was particularly impressed by the stone fireplace, is it genuine?
Last visited January 2013.
Wetherspoon's Up Steps A traditionally styled shop conversion, nicely done.
Last visited October 2022.
Saint James Social Centre A rather good social club with a large function room plus at least one smaller bar. Excellent Cask Tetley Bitter served by efficient staff.
Last visited October 2008.
Cask and Feather A very pleasant plain pub serving excellent real ale and the lunchtime food looks good.
Last visited February 2013.
Flying Horse This pleasant pub has been knocked through but still retains separate areas. Excellent real ales. Very quiet on a Tuesday afternoon.
Last visited April 2014.
By the Town Hall
Railway This nicely decorated, partly knocked through traditional pub has a side room with comfortable sofas, and a pool room. A fine pint of Robinson's is served.
Last visited December 2003.
by the station
Romiley Arms A nicely done plastic pub with keg Tetley and Boddingtons, and I'm told that since my visit they've started serving a guest real ale. The tables outside are useful if you've just been to the chippy!
Last visited December 2003.
by the station
Wetherspoon's Ford Madox Brown A large modern Wetherspoons with some rather fine dark wood panelling.
Last visited April 2022.
Oxford Road / Rusholme Place
Wetherspoon's J. P. Joule A large open Wetherspoons on two floors, with traditional decor.
Last visited August 2020.
Northenden Road
Lowry Centre Purple and orange decor and modern stylish furniture in this expensive bar in the Lowry Centre. There's some nice canalside tables outside.
Last visited July 2004.
Wetherspoon's Shay Wake A very pleasant modern-styled open room, offering an excellent range of real ales.
Last visited October 2022.
Bridge Beers A tiny very well done shop conversion with up to eight real ales served by gravity straight from the cask. I had something great from local brewery Millstone. (I've never tasted a Millstone beer that wasn't wonderful.)
Last visited February 2020.
Melbourne Street
Crafty Pint A nice shop conversion on the main shopping street, one main room with counter plus a small snug. Excellent ales, I had a delicious rum porter from Wily Fox.
Last visited February 2020.
Melbourne Street
Q Inn This rather nice pub has two rooms partially knocked through. The decor is bare brick and bare floorboards. Five handpumps serve mainly Hydes brews, plus the rather nice house beer - Q X.S.B.
Last visited November 2002.
Ramsbottom Street / Hully Street
Station Buffet Bar I first visited this famous gem in 1980 and I've been going back as often as possible. A wide range of excellent real ales and quality pies and scotch eggs, and you must try the black peas, a local delicacy.
Last visited December 2022.
Platform 4
Wetherspoon's The Society Rooms Modern decor in this standard Wetherspoon's. Prompt service and quality ales on my visits.
Last visited February 2020.
Grosvenor Street
White House A pleasant traditional boozer, mostly knocked through. A small wedding party meant noisy music in one end of the pub, but it was peaceful enough at the other end, on a busy Saturday lunchtime. Sadly my pint of Stalybridge Gold was very much end-of-the-cask.
Last visited February 2020.
Market Street / Water Street
Armoury A beautifully done out two bar local's pub serving a spot on pint of Robinson's Phoenix. Friendly staff and dog. The regulars seem to have a strange pay-in-advance bar tab system.
Last visited July 2012.
Crown An excellent range of real ales in this splendid multi-room traditionally decorated pub, hidden under the viaduct.
Last visited March 2011.
Heaton Lane / Great Egerton Street
Magnet A very good choice of real ales, on 12 handpumps, in this pleasant lively multi-roomed pub. Function room upstairs.
Last visited March 2011.
Wellington Road North / Railway Street
Pineapple A traditional local boozer with three or more rooms, serving perfect pints of Robinsons' Unicorn and others.
Last visited March 2011.
Heaton Lane
Robinson's Visitors' Centre Modern decor in this comfortable bar offering, as you might expect, the full range of Robinson's brews. I recommend the brewery tour.
Last visited December 2013.
Apsley Street
Wetherspoon's Calverts Court An enormous long Wetherspoon's with a relatively small street frontage.
Last visited March 2011.
St. Petersgate
Trafford Park Hotel An impressive building, sadly now closed.
Not visited.
Village Way / Third Avenue
Village Inn A friendly pub with a large knocked through interior in the standard refurbished pub style, generally well looked after. Sadly, lunchtime food is no longer served, but the evening meals are excellent. No real ale. Limited opening hours.
Last visited March 2015.
Third Avenue / Fifth Street
Wetherspoon's Mardi Gras A busy smallish Wetherspoon's in the extensive food court of the shopping centre. Significantly higher prices than in other 'spoons.
Last visited August 2020.
Trafford Centre
Steamhouse A rather good conversion of the station building into a cheerful friendly pub offering a fine range of real ales, with eight handpumps. The food also looks good.
Last visited April 2014.
Railway Station
Wetherspoon's Bull's Head A very impressive pub building dating from the 1890s with rather quirky interior decor including some pebble-dashed walls.
Last visited December 2017.
Wetherspoon's Robert Shaw A standard Wetherspoon's in a converted shop. They'd run out of Abbot when I visited.
Last visited December 2017.
Anvil A plain multi-roomed Hydes house, very busy when I visited after a Wigan Athletic home match, serving an excellent range of real ales. The array of award certificates is well deserved.
Last visited May 2010.
Dorning Street / Hallgate
Bailiff A pleasant multi-room basement bar serving only one real ale when I was there, but it was in good nick. The decor is not to my taste but that's hardly their fault, is it!
Last visited December 2018.
Dorning Street / Hallgate
Berkeley A large partly knocked-through pub with an enormous LSTV at the front. The very nice interior decor is well looked after. A choice of excellent real ales is available.
Last visited December 2018.
Wallgate / Library Street
Little Fifteen The frontage looks like a restaurant but inside you find a very long narrow pub with excellent stylish and rather quirky decor. Up to two real ales available. The pizzas are very good.
Last visited August 2019.
Wallgate / Bretherton Row
John Bull A rather splendid bare brick and beams interior in this small popular pub hidden in a back street behind Wetherspoons. As well as the main room on the ground floor there's a small lounge and a pool table upstairs. The juke box includes some excellent music!
Last visited April 2008.
The Wiend
Last orders A big busy plain boozer full of old men. No real ale.
Last visited December 2008.
Old Pear Tree A pleasant olde-worlde interior in this friendly pub where the food smells good. Excellent real ale, Pedigree and Jennings' Cumberland on my most recent visit.
Nicely refurbished in early 2008, although I think it's lost a little of its character in the process.
In 2010 I was served an off pint of Jennings, which was only grudgingly replaced by a perfect pint of Pedigree.
Last visited May 2010.
44 Frog Lane
Orange House A large pleasant open food-oriented pub with plastic traditional decor. Only one real ale but the Old Speckled Hen was good. LSTV for sports.
Last visited March 2003.
Raven A splendid traditional interior in this large town centre pub with one main room plus a small side room and a back room for food. Hand pulled Tetley Bitter in fine condition.
When I passed in December 2008 it was closed, but I'm pleased to report it is now back in action.
Last visited March 2003.
Mount Pleasant
Swan and Railway A very nicely preserved three-room pub with nice ceramics and a mosaic floor in the corridor, and a tremendous stained glass panel over the bar. Hand pulled ales usually include Bass. There's a large back room.
Re-opened autumn 2019 after a major refurbishment which has retained all the classic features.
Last visited June 2021.
Across the road from North Western station.
Wetherspoon's Brocket Arms A pleasant Wetherspoon's in suburban Wigan.
Last visited April 2018.
Mesnes Road
Wetherspoon's Moon Under Water A nice interior in standard Wetherspoon's style. The separate upstairs area is somewhat labyrinthine, and it feels like you're in a completely different pub - but it's a long walk to the gents!
I visited early on a Saturday evening in 2002, during their "Halloween beer festival", but there was no real ale available at all, so after a quick pint of plastic John Smith's we moved elsewhere. I'm pleased to report that on more recent occasions there has been a good choice of beers. Wetherspoon's usual cheap and good food is available.
Last visited May 2019.
Wallgate / Library Street
Wigan Central Two converted railway arches under Northwestern station contain this great bar serving excellent real ale. The decor is railway-oriented, with seating booths looking like train compartments complete with netted luggage racks, and the bar counter looks a bit like a railway carriage. The pies and scotch eggs are very good!
Last visited November 2021.
Wallgate / Queen Street

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