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Keel Inn A little off the beaten track, this one, but well worth seeking out. When I visited on a Sunday afternoon everyone in the place, staff and customers, seemed to know everyone else, but they seemed to have no objections to a stranger sitting in the corner to enjoy a fine pint, and indeed I was offered sandwiches. The decor is on a maritime theme, with a large ship's wheel and various propellers decorating the walls. Lined glasses for a full pint.
Last visited February 2012.
Canal Street
Wetherspoon's Joseph Bramah One long oddly shaped room with entrances at both ends. Fewer than average cask ales on offer with only one guest, I think, but the Abbot was of high quality so no complaints. Unusual to see a number of TV screens showing a slideshow of Wetherspoon's menu items.
Last visited June 2023.
Market Hill or Graham's Orchard
Wetherspoon's Silkstone Inn A pleasant ordinary Wetherspoon's in a shop conversion. Feels a little dark inside on a sunny day, but once your eyes are accustomed it is quite good. Quality cask ales, of course.
Last visited June 2023.
Market Street
Wetherspoon's Portland Hotel A pleasant pub in one large traditionally decorated room, plus hotel upstairs.
Last visited October 2022.
West Bars / Park Road
Wetherspoon's Spa Lane Vaults A large 'spoons with modern styling.
Last visited October 2022.
Spa Lane / St Mary's Gate
Barley Twist Pleasant enough, comfortable bar/restaurant attached to the Premier Inn.
Last visited September 2018.
High Fishergate
Coach and Horses A plain, nicely decorated and well cared for friendly local boozer serving a fine pint of Tetley.
Last visited May 2005.
Scot Lane
Don Valley Brewery Tap Part of a food complex in the former market hall, serving excellent real ales from Don Valley and others. There's also a Don Valley Brewery Tap 2 at the back of the same complex, which has no cask ales.
Last visited July 2022.
Wool Market
Doncaster Brewery & Tap A pleasant shop conversion, plus a craft bar upstairs according to the signs. I stayed down for excellent cask ales, their own and guests. The brewery is in the back, I think.
Last visited June 2023.
Young Street
Draughtsman One small attractive room located on platform 3, with plenty of overflow space on the platform itself. Excellent real ales and other quality drinks are served by friendly helpful staff. I don't like the plastic glasses required for drinking on the platform.
Last visited August 2019.
Doncaster Station
Leopard A superb ceramic exterior on this pleasant two room boozer near the railway station. Quality real ales and food.
Last visited September 2018.
West Street / St Sepulchre Gate West
Little Plough A real gem, this, a two sided traditional boozer with some excellent leaded glasswork. Busy with friendly regulars on a Friday afternoon. Massive collection of cups and trophies won by the pub's teams. Lined glasses for a full pint, of excellent ale. Acorn Barnsley Bitter is a classic.
Last visited June 2023.
West Laith Gate
Queen Crafthouse Rather fun decor in this large pub which serves quality cask ales.
Last visited April 2022.
Market Place
Tut and Shive A nice noisy friendly knocked through one bar pub with a stone floor and dark walls covered in pump clips and beer mats. Excellent ales.
Last visited July 2003.
Wetherspoon's Gate House A large modern 'spoons, popular but not jammed even on a Saturday evening.
Last visited June 2023.
Priory Walk
Wetherspoon's Red Lion Rather fine traditional decor, partly fake I suspect, in this pleasant Wetherspoon's.
Last visited July 2022.
Market Place / Bowers Fold
Wetherspoon's Old Market Hall One large open room broken up by bookcases, very nicely done. Good range of cask ales. Ticking over at 09:00 on a Monday morning.
Last visited June 2023.
Market Street / Station Road
Cutlers Arms A splendid antique pub inside and out. Lots of original features, leaded glass, mosaic floor etc. A wide range of quality ales from Chantry Brewery and elsewhere; their stout is wonderful. Very quiet on a Thursday afternoon, not surprisingly. Lovely and warm, with a real fire in an original fireplace.
Last visited November 2018.
Westgate / Wilfred Street
New York Tavern A rather pleasant real ale bar belonging to Chantry Brewery, with a wide selection of their ales on handpump. Watch out for their Special Reserve at six point something percent.
Last visited November 2018.
Westgate / Coke Lane
Wetherspoon's Bluecoat At first glance an unusually small branch of the chain, until you spot the extra rooms up and downstairs at the back.
Last visited November 2018.
The Crofts / Stanley Street
Bath Hotel This proper traditional friendly pub has been well looked after and restored. It has two rooms - I sat in the snug - as well as a drinking corridor. Various real ales were available, I forget what I had but it was good. Lined glasses for a full pint.
Last visited February 2012.
Victoria Street
Fat Cat A splendid tiny street corner pub with a massive range of real ales, there were about ten on when I visited on a Monday lunchtime. Menu looks good.
Last visited September 2011.
Alma Street
Harlequin A very fine traditional boozer with multiple drinking areas all round the bar. The live music was enjoyable, not deafening, and the real ale top notch.
Last visited February 2012.
Nursery Street / Spitalfields
Kelham Island Tavern Excellent real ale range from about a dozen taps in this comfortable pub with a large dining room to the rear. Food looks good and is popular. Lined glasses for a full pint. I had Acorn's wonderful Old Moor Porter.
Last visited September 2011.
Museum This Greene King house has a nice somewhat labyrinthine interior. The food, standard chain pub fare, is good and the real ale is excellent although in 2008 I was a little depressed by the sight of a keg pump dispensing "chilled IPA". Returning in 2012 I found an improved range of real ales with five guests and three GK brews.
Last visited February 2012.
Orchard Square
Old House A good selection of real ales, including ones from the local Kelham Island brewery, are on sale in this pleasant open pub with seating areas either side of the central bar area. The slightly quirky decor is rather good, including a giant mural photograph of a WE WANT BEER protest march.
Last visited February 2012.
Devonshire Street
Red Lion A traditionally styled, partly knocked through, two-sided pub serving excellent real ales. Very quiet on a Saturday lunchtime.
Last visited June 2008.
Charles Street
Rutland Arms A pleasant traditional pub beautifully kept and serving an excellent range of real ales. Good food lunchtimes. The splendid decor includes a nice leaded glass partition and some etched windows advertising Gilmour's Windsor Ales and Stouts. There's also a beer garden and I believe they do B&B. Most definitely worth the five minutes walk if you're changing trains in Sheffield.
Last visited May 2005.
86 Brown Street
Sheffield Tap A very brief visit between trains, so a very brief review: Excellent beer selection, excellent ceramics.
Update: I've now had a chance for some longer visits but I see no reason to change the above. I particularly enjoyed a half of Buxton Brewery's Tsar Imperial Russian Stout. 9.5% !! This pub always seems to be busy.
Last visited December 2022.
Platform 1, Sheffield Station
Wetherspoon's Banker's Draft A large Wetherspoon's Lloyds No. 1 with traditional decor and tall windows onto the street. There's another bar upstairs.
Last visited February 2012.
Glossop Road
Wetherspoon's Benjamin Huntsman A large Wetherspoon's with modern decor. There's another bar upstairs.
Last visited December 2022.
Cambridge Street
Wetherspoon's Swim Inn Converted from part of the former swimming baths, this pleasant modern Wetherspoon's was surprisingly quiet on a Friday evening - There were plenty of free tables. I've never seen the regulars playing dominoes in a Wetherspoon's before!
Last visited February 2012.
Glossop Road
Wetherspoon's Water Company A noisy Lloyds No. 1 'spoons branch, packed at 1230 on a Thursday. A high ceilinged main room, with a mezzanine floor inserted at one end, in an old building.
Last visited November 2018.
Division Street / Carver Lane
Wetherspoon's Horseshoe Pleasing modern decor in this large open Wetherspoon's providing excellent ales.
Last visited June 2023.
High Street / Marsh Street

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