Phil's World Pub Guides - Wales

Pub Comments Location
Glengower Hotel Inside this pleasant sea-front hotel with nice sea views (I bet it's rough in the winter!) is a small front bar with larger areas to the side and behind, including LSTVs and pool tables. There are also tables on the small terrace out front. A fine pint of Theakstons.
Last visited May 2008.
Victoria Terrace
Wetherspoon's Hen Orsaf A large Wetherspoon's located in the railway station. What else is there to say?
Last visited May 2008.
Alexandra Road
Tap and Spile An excellent range of real ales is to be found in this popular friendly pub near the pier. The multi-level partly knocked through interior is nicely decorated.
Last visited September 2009.
Garth Road
Tal-Y-Don Fine beer in this nice traditional local with tables in the pleasant back yard.
Last visited June 2006.
Miner's Arms This pub is part of the Victorian Village at Llechwedd Slate Caverns. Only bottled beer is sold - a selection of brews from the Purple Moose Brewery.
Last visited September 2009.
Queens Hotel Despite being a bar in a residential hotel this manages a pleasant 'pubby' atmosphere. They usually serve real ale but had sold out when I visited.
Last visited September 2009.
High Street
Wetherspoon's Great Western A rather plain Wetherspoon's of the Lloyds No.1 variety.
Last visited May 2013
Yard I was going to write "modern decor" but actually bare ventilation ducts, cable trays and corrugated iron are more late '90s early '00s. Pleasant enough anyway, and a fine pint of Brains' SA. Located on the site of the former Brains' brewery in what is now the Brewery Quarter.
Last visited March 2010
Queens Hotel Three hand pumps for real ale in this two sided 3 room pub with some old-looking (30s?) wood panelling in the lounge side. I overheard some grumbling about beer quality but my pint of Hop Zest was perfect.
Last visited September 2017.
Wetherspoon's Yr Hen Dderwen Modern decor in this medium-sized shop conversion. Busy but not packed on a Saturday afternoon. Beer spot on.
Last visited September 2017.
Grouse Inn Excellent beer in this Lees' house, I particularly enjoyed their seasonal summer ale on a hot June day. The food is average priced, but well above average quality.
Last visited January 2014.
George No real ale in this friendly down market boozer on the main shopping street.
Last visited September 2009.
Market Street
The 79 Previously in the Good Beer Guide but no longer, and no real ale when I visited this small pleasant quiet flat house.
Last visited September 2009.
Victoria Terrace
Alexandra Fine beer and a buzzing atmosphere even on a midwinter Tuesday. There is also a quieter hotel bar upstairs. Hand pulled Green label, O.P. and Ruddles County.
Last visited December 1998.
Mostyn Street / Clonmel Street
Carlton Large posters advertised cheap Tetley's Cask but they had no real ale when I visited.
Last visited October 2009.
Mostyn Street / Gloddaeth Street
Churchill's Keg beer only in the nicely decorated lounge side.
Last visited November 2003.
Augusta Street / Vaughan Street
Craigside Inn An up market multi roomed establishment aimed firmly at the family meals market. Brewer's Fayre menu. Fun Factory. Plastic beer only.
Last visited December 1998.
Cross Keys A very nicely decorated one bar pub in which the Monday night quiz is very popular. Various real ales. Reportedly now closed.
Last visited December 1998.
Flix Bar A grubby smokey two room one bar upstairs place with a nice film theme to the decor.
Last visited December 1998.
Mostyn Street
King's Arms Traditional decor in this pleasant pub on the main shopping street, with an impressive stone fireplace. The interior is perhaps a little worn, but well looked after nonetheless. I had a great pint of Bass from the only hand pump, and the food looks good, and good value.
Last visited October 2009.
Mostyn Street / Vaughan Street
Kings Head A nice multi-level pub but the hand pulled Tetley was mediocre. I imagine the beer has improved since my visit, as this pub now appears in the Good Beer Guide.
Last visited December 1998.
Links Hotel Nice large friendly plain bar side. Separate dining room. Hand pulled Lees Bitter.
Last visited December 1998.
Conway Road
Randolf Turpin's A typical plastic tourist trap with prices to match, at the summit of the Great Orme. Superb views from the terrace.
Last visited September 2006.
Sam's Speakeasy A large trendy basement place totally unexpected underneath the Imperial Hotel. Pool table. LSTV.
Last visited December 1998.
The Parade / Vaughan Street
Snowdon This plain traditional boozer serves excellent real ales. In the lounge corner of the knocked through interior, a comfortable three piece suite is arranged around the fire, just like it was someone's living room.
Last visited November 2003.
Tudno Street
Station Hotel A pleasant large knocked through station pub. Cask conditioned Flowers, Boddingtons and Pedigree. Food served all day.
Last visited December 1998.
Llandudno Junction station
Victoria A nice small lounge in this pub which concentrates mainly on food. Various real ales.
Last visited December 1998.
Wetherspoon's Palladium Beautifully preserved old 1920s cinema, or is some of it fake? Anyway, the usual Wetherspoon's cheap food and good ale, in probably the best Wetherspoon's interior I've seen.
Last visited October 2009.
Gloddaeth Street / George Street
Prince of Wales A plain pub with two front rooms plus a disco at the back. No real ale.
Last visited June 2006.
Wild Pheasant A pleasant hotel bar in this expensive but very nice hotel, a member of the Best Western chain, located a few minutes walk from the centre of town. No real ale.
Last visited June 2006.
Station Inn Conveniently located in the railway station, this Good Beer Guide listed pub is in the Victorian station hall, converted by adding a small bar counter at one end. Excellent real ale and food. The only possible complaint about this place is that the opening hours are somewhat limited.
Last visited April 2013.
Pembroke Dock Station
Station Inn (aka Pub On The Platform) Located at the (standard gauge) railway station, this pub has one large room decorated with railway memorabilia and pictures. A selection of fine real ales is served.
Last visited September 2006.
Spooner's Bar This pleasant pub is located at the Ffestiniog Railway station. Sit on the platform, watch the trains go by and enjoy some fine real ale. When I was last there they had a number of beers from the local Purple Moose brewery, the ones I tried were excellent. The food looks good as well.
Last visited September 2006.
The Cob
Wetherspoon's Central Hotel A very pleasant spoons with traditional decor doing a decent trade on a Monday lunchtime. Conveniently located next to the station.
Last visited April 2023.
Chester Road West / Alexandra Street
Wetherspoon's Elihu Yale A large open Wetherspoon's with pleasant pale wood decor. The usual cheap ale and good food. Always busy.
Last visited December 2008.
Regent Street

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