Phil's World Pub Guides - Washington DC and its hinterland

Pub Comments Location
The Four Courts of Ireland A friendly pleasant slightly up market Plastic Paddy bar serving a fine pint of Guinness.
Last visited November 2001.
Wilson Boulevard / Courthouse
Brickskeller The menu offers over 1000 (They say - I didn't count them) bottled beers from around the world - The worlds largest selection apparently. In the upstairs bar/restaurant these arrive via a bottle-sized dumbwaiter. The "British Ale" on hand pump was decidedly past its best when I tried it. I also tried a bottle of Erdinger Pikantus Dunkler Weizenbock which I'd never heard of before - Very nice!
The complier of the menu gets bonus points for knowing that the Trappist brew La Trapp comes from Holland, not Belgium (a common mistake) but then loses them for listing Holland and Netherlands as separate countries!
Last visited November 2001.
22nd Street between P and Q streets
Capitol City Brewing Company This very nice old hall is part of the old Post Office building, now the Postal Museum. Five twelve foot tall copper serving vessels stand in a row in the middle of the room, inside an island bar. There are booths and tables for those eating, and more tables upstairs. Furniture is in diner style. The Prohibition Porter was excellent.
Last visited November 2001.
North Capitol / Massachusetts Avenue
John Harvards Brewhouse Seven of their own brews were available on tap when I visited this quirkily decorated metal-lined cellar. The hand pump was serving something which claimed to be a Pale Ale, but it was quite dark and very cloudy. The Harvest Spiced Ale was a superb sweet and spicy brew which smelt of cloves.
Last visited November 2001.
12th Street / Pennsylvania Avenue

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