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Boston Beer Works Standard modern decor of bare bricks and heating ducts in this large brewpub / restaurant. A number of their own brews available including two on hand pump - a nice Irish Stout and a superb Irish Red. The barmaid was having trouble pulling the Red so she removed the sparkler from the pump, which I think improved it. Unusually the cask conditioned brews are also available "plastic" so I was able to compare two versions of the stout. I could discern little difference in the flavours but the hand-pulled version seemed to go down easier. Good food including an excellent clam chowder
Last visited April 2002
Canal Causeway
Brinkley's Pub Nice dark wood and bare brick decor in this hotel bar. National and local brews on tap.
Last visited April 2002
225 McClelland Highway
Bull and Finch This is the basement bar that inspired the TV series Cheers and they don't half trade on it! Actually it's nothing like the TV bar, but this small friendly place seems much more likely to be the sort of pub "where everyone knows your name", or at least it would have been before the tourists moved in.
Last visited April 2002
Arlington / Beacon
Clarke's Bar A nice traditional european-style bar in Boston's South Station, very busy at rush hour. National and local brews on tap.
"Beer of the Week - Sam Adams Light". Oh dear.
Last visited April 2002
South Station
Harpoon Brewery Not a bar, just a sampling room as part of the (free) brewery tour. Their Pale Ale is possibly the best I've ever tasted , the dark ale also excellent as is the IPA which is their biggest product available all over the Eastern US. They have an amazing collection of beer cans from around the world - which certainly brought back some memories - including Ind Coope Long Life and Whitbread Pale Ale from the 1970s (I didn't say all the memories were pleasant ones!)
Last visited April 2002
Hub Pub "The Friendliest Pub in the Hub" says the sign, and it might well be. Downstairs a large island bar, upstairs on the balcony tables for diners. Taps include a Sam Adams Seasonal, Killeans Red and Harpoon IPA. The food looks good and there's an LSTV for sports (Golf when I was there.)
Last visited April 2002
Province Street
Little Asia A pleasant plain bar and chinese restaurant. Tsing Tao in bottles.
Last visited April 2002
Orient Heights
Paramount What a wonderful cafe/bar. Six taps including Sam Adams and Paulaner Hefeweizen. The food, all cooked on the griddle in front of you, includes a fine grilled reuben.
Last visited April 2002
Chestnut / Charles
Seaport Bar and Grill Pleasant nondescript decor in this restaurant / bar where I had some nice fish and chips. Draught beers include Guinness, Bass, Newcastle Brown and Harpoon IPA from the brewery just one block away.
Last visited April 2002
Northern Avenue / B Street
Sunset Grill and Tap Ticker's Heaven! They have 110 taps (I didn't actually count them) serving lots of beers I've never heard of. I tried the excellent Smuttynose Maibock. Very busy even on a Monday evening, with a small queue for tables. When you're tired of collecting beers, check out their collections of beer trays, matchbooks, and beer bottles ranging from Harviestown Engine Oil to Delerium Nocturnum. They do food but I didn't check the menu, as there's an excellent curry house just across the road.
Last visited April 2002
Brighton Avenue / Harvard Avenue

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