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901 Pub On one side is a rather dark bar, on the other a two-room restaurant. The usual draught beers are available, I had Yuengling. The food menu included a bison burger. Service was a little slow due to the arrival of a very large party. State Route 901 / Pleasant Road
Stable Pit and Pub A large restaurant / bar with a horse theme. Totally deserted when I visited on a Sunday afternoon but I imagine it gets pretty busy at other times. Yeungling, Coors Light and Miller Light on draught.  
Appalachian Brewing Company The brewery is visible through windows from the large open restaurant with a long bar in the corner. There is a separate Sports Bar as well. Several of their own brews are on tap including a superb hefeweiss. The hand pump for cask conditioned ale is hidden in a corner at the back of the bar. It was providing an excellent stout when I visited. The food is extremely nice and fish and chips is served in a (fake) newspaper! Regulars can subscribe to become "Muggers" who get their own personal stein which hangs behind the bar. The ones hanging near where I sat were numbered in the 390s! Cameron Street / Market Street
Leeds The square three-sided bar counter has a nice dark wood surround with some impressive wood carvings. It is surrounded by a pleasant drinking area with a stone floor. The standard range of domestics and imports is available on tap. I didn't visit the restaurant part. Eisenhower Boulevard
Bridgewaters Pub An otherwise fairly standard array of international draught beers included Warsteiner Dunkel - very nice - when I visited this small flat bar with a marble floor, tucked into one end of the spectacular 30th Street Station. Another visit two years later found an uncommon German brew once again, this time Hacker-Pschorr Hefeweizen.
Marvelous Muggs This very large restaurant / bar has nice decor reminiscent of some British pubs, with cut class screens, brass rails, dark wood partitions and a mosaic (OK it's actually vinyl) floor. Guinness, Bass and Yuengling are on tap and the food is good. This place looks like it belongs to a chain but I've never seen any other branches. Montage Mountain Road / Davis Street

Not being a winter sportsman I didn't know what to expect from this ski resort, and I must say I was rather impressed - it was a lot larger and better appointed than I expected.
I was somewhat amused to learn that the pavements are heated to make sure people don't slip on the ice. Dangerous sports? Pah!

Bavarian Lounge Plenty of sports on TV in this large busy bar in the foyer of the main complex. It doesn't look very Bavarian to me. Live music.
Foggy Goggle A lively disco/bar situated right at the foot of the slopes, built of stone and wood as is the whole resort. When I visited it was full of drunk skiers dancing very badly. The usual domestic draught beers are served.
Matterhorn Lounge It costs $2 to get in to this enormous disco/bar, busy and lively on a Saturday night. They play a wide choice of music, from the Bee Gees to AC/DC and modern(ish) stuff as well. The standard range of domestic draught beers are available in pitchers.

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