Beer EnGin
Hand pump
A standard micro-pub somehow managing to be better than many. One beer doesn't prove anything, but my stout was so good I stayed for more, ruining the planned pub crawl.
Last visited 2019.
Greenes Road / Paradise Lane
Carrs Hotel Two bars plus a back room in this pleasant old pub, plain and well cared for.
Last visited 2014.
Dragon Lane / Dragon Drive
Green Dragon A lounge and a bar plus two side rooms in this popular local, which is very nicely done out in traditional style. I was told "improvements" are in the offing.
Noted closed and boarded up in 2017, and demolished in 2020.
Last visited 2004.
Warrington Road / Dragon Lane
A plain clean and tidy bar with a pool table and LSTV, and a large pleasantly decorated lounge side, very well cared for.
Last visited 2015.
Holt Lane / Warrington Road
Horseshoe This was originally a traditional village centre pub, and I am told it was done up / remodelled as a Tut 'n' Shive outlet. Tut 'n' Shive had gone by 1999, when I described the inside as slightly down at heel, although still quite pleasant. Revisiting in 2006 I found the exterior looking rather tatty, but the large two bar interior nicely done and well cared for.
Closed in 2011 and now a shop.
Last visited 2006.
Windy Arbor Road / Dragon Lane
Penny Black A scruffy seventies exterior on this free standing two bar pub on a large seventies housing estate is matched by a worn but clean interior in the bar side. The lounge was closed on my visit.
Now closed and demolished.
Last visited 1999.
Lickers Lane / Manorwood Drive
Rosie's Closed and boarded up in 1999, and now demolished.
Not visited.
Shaw Lane / Brookside Road
Village Hotel (Logwood Mill) A very nicely appointed hotel lounge with leather armchairs, plus a separate well decorated "Salingers Cafe Bar" with LSTV. Most of the hotel appears to be new construction but Salingers seems to be a converted barn.
Last visited 1999.
Windy Arbour Brow
Watchmaker Closed.
Not visited.
Cumber Lane / Lyneham