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Bloomfield Bridge Tavern A small, pleasant, friendly pub and Polish restaurant. The range of draught beers includes Greene King Abbot from the UK. Liberty Avenue / Bloomfield Bridge
Boo's Only a small selection of domestic beers is available on draught in this small, plain, popular, friendly, wittily-named (sarcasm) pub. There is a large dining area round the corner.
Last visited November 2000
Penn Avenue / 44th Street
Coyote Cafe / Howlers Coyote Cafe is a busy narrow corridor bar, next door is Howlers, a tiny dark and dingy night club.
I understand this place has changed a lot since I visited.
Last visited November 2000
Liberty Avenue / Ella Street
Nico's Recovery Room This pleasant pub has a square island counter in the small front bar with a very large popular dining area to one side. They have an impressive collection of darts trophies.
Last visited November 2000
Friendship Avenue / Pearl Street
Nooner's A clean and tidy, plain friendly local boozer with a small dining area to the rear. Cheap beer. The toilet doors are labelled Hunters and Hunted! Another place with a large array of darts trophies on display.
Last visited September 2000
Penn Avenue / 42nd Street
Tea Bags This small brightly lit plain boozer looks a bit scruffy from the outside but it's nice enough when you get in. Only a few draught beers, including Michelob's Amber Bock. Glasses are kept in an excessively cold freezer. They don't seem to sell tea!
Last visited November 2000
Main Street / Canoe Way
Thirsty's This two sided pub was pretty quiet when I visited on a Friday night. The front bar has a tiled floor and a selection of rather rickety bar stools and serves the usual range of beers, including Yeungling Porter. A large chart behind the bar lists the (extremely cheap) specials for each day of the week. Bar food is available until 01.00. The strategically placed mirrors fooled me into believing the place had lots of rooms, but in fact there's just the two!
Last visited January 2001
Centre Avenue / N Craig Street
Toro's A traditionally laid out bar with booths along the left side and a bar counter on the right. This plain boozer was busy with friendly locals when I first visited, but has been much quieter on subsequent occasions. No draught beers, just the usual bottles at low prices. Only 30 seconds walk from the best curry house in Pittsburgh!
Last visited July 2001
Penn Avenue / Evaline

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