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222 Bar   Federal / General Robinson
Firewaters   Federal / General Robinson
Headwaters I tried to visit this bar in the Three Rivers Stadium on 4th July but they wouldn't let me in because I was carrying a camcorder! Other banned items included balloons, back-packs, bottles of water etc. I took my custom elsewhere.

On a subsequent visit before a Steelers game I was more fortunate and found a large modern plastic bar with the usual bare air conditioning duct decor. Food was provided by the "Quaker Steak & Lube" chain. Before and after the match it was extremely busy, packed with friendly football fans. Beers on draught included the local Penn Pilsner and there were some spoof (I hope) brewing vessels at the front of the room. With the demolition of the stadium this place is now, of course, CLOSED.

Last visited August 2000
Three Rivers Stadium, Gate C
Jerrys 1888 This long narrow pub with a restaurant area to one side has a very nice interior with tiled floor and a wood-panelled ceiling, and the walls are covered with Steelers and Pirates memorabilia. There is an amazing collection of spirit miniatures on eight shelves behind the bar (We estimated about 2000!) Very friendly staff and regulars drinking the usual selection of domestic brews or Guinness. It claims to be an Irish pub but apart from the Guinness I could see nothing Irish about it. "Jerry-oke" Wednesday and Saturday (Loud). Nominally open 'till 02.00 but they may close early if it's quiet.
Last visited February 2002
East Ohio Street / James Street
JR's Bar I haven't visited (yet) but this place is reported as being rather rough. East Ohio Street / Cedar Avenue
Max's Allegheny Tavern This bar/restaurant in the heart of the German district of the North Side has a German theme, especially in the excellent food - schnitzels and sausages. Draught beers, which are served in jam-jars (!), include a personal favourite of mine, Köstritzer Schwarz and the house beers - Dutch Club Light and Dutch Club Dark - which are brewed by Iron City. The front bar has traditional decor, with a high panelled ceiling, a mosaic floor and two rows of booths for diners. There's also a ratskeller which I didn't visit. You may have to wait for a table at busy times.
Last visited February 2002
Suismon Street / Middle Street
Park House   East Ohio Street / Cedar Avenue
Peanutz   East Ohio Street / Cedar Avenue
Penn Brewery
What a super place! Located in an old brewery building which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, there is a bar and restaurant upstairs with a view of the brewhouse through large windows, and the ratskeller downstairs is available for functions. I visited on a busy Saturday evening and the jazz band were pretty good, although a little loud. The beer is brewed according to Reinheitsgebot purity rules and includes some excellent regular brews plus seasonal ones. I particularly enjoyed the Weizen which came in a proper weissbier glass, although unfortunately still with an unwanted lemon slice. The food, mainly in German style, is very good.
Last visited March 2001
Troy Hill Road / Vinial Street
Rebels   East Ohio Street / Moravia Street

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