The Pittsburgh Pub Guide - Mount Lebanon

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Korner Pub A pleasant friendly boozer with one main room and a side pool room. Ten domestic draughts (including Yeungling Porter) on two rather impressive brass fonts plus the usual range of imports in the fridge. The Yeungling Lager ran out so I got half a glass for free! Thanks Al!
Last visited December 2000
Washington Rd / Bower Hill Road
Saloon A large pub/diner with an island bar in the middle and a long row of booths along one side. A free basket of popcorn for each drinker, and it's rather good popcorn too! Draught beers include a seasonal one from the Penn Brewery - I enjoyed a couple of pints of St Nikolaus Bock. The menu looks good.
Last visited December 2000
Washington Road opposite the T station

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