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Cumpie's Picture This large friendly place has a small rectangular isalnd bar at the front, a restaurant area behind and a pool room further back which has another bar, unstaffed when I visited. They serve the usual domestic brews on draught, plus Bass and Guinness. The barman informed us that the unusual name is derived from the Italian American word for 'friend'. While we were there they held a "frozen tee-shirt competition" which was something of a disappointment for those of us more familiar with wet tee-shirt contests! Karaoke night Sunday.
Last visited August 2000
Atwood Street / Sennott Street
Denny's Bar   Atwood / Louisa
Fuel and Fuddle Logo A nice restaurant/bar, popular and lively, serving steaks and burgers etc. and fine beer including a superb Oatmeal Stout.
Last visited August 2000
Oakland Avenue / Sennott Street
Panther Hollow Inn A plain friendly corridor bar with a half-timbered interior. The local team have an impressive selection of darts trophies on display. Four pint pitchers cost only $5. Later in the evening, very busy and smokey.
Last visited November 2000
Forbes Avenue / Craig Street
Peter's Pub They serve the usual draught beers plus Guinness in this large pub apparently made of three properties knocked through. One part has a rectangular island bar, and the other two parts are mainly aimed at diners, although there was no-one eating when I was there.
Last visited October 2000
Forbes Avenue / Oakland Avenue

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